The Future of B2B Marketing Team Structure in 2023: Building for Success

The Future of B2B Marketing Team Structure in 2023: Building for Success

The Future of B2B Marketing Team Structure in 2023: Building for Success

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Hold on to your hats, folks, because the world of B2B marketing is changing faster than a chameleon in a paint store! To stay ahead of the curve, companies need to be ready to shake things up – and that includes their marketing teams. The days of siloed departments are as ancient as the dinosaurs, so it’s time to try something new. We’ll be taking a deep dive into what the B2B marketing team structure of the future looks like in 2023, so grab your popcorn and let’s get started!

Understand how to build success by updating your B2b marketing team structure, watch the following video:

B2B marketing team structure

B2B Marketing Team Structure

The functions and organizational structures that make up marketing departments are continually changing along with the marketing field itself. Although a well-defined B2B marketing team structure is required to successfully execute your company’s marketing campaigns, there is yet to be a set model for your marketing team. However, certain positions can be found in the marketing departments of many businesses and industries. Here are some of the most typical instances:

1. Leadership

  1. Director
  2. Team leader
  3. Project managers

2. Specialists 

  1. SEO Specialist
  2. PPC Specialist
  3. Content Coordinator
  4. Brand managers
  5. Event managers
  6. Automation managers
  7. PR specialists
  8. Social media manager
  9. Email marketing specialist

3. Contributors

  1. Graphic designers
  2. Writers
  3. Data analysts
  4. Web developers
  5. Audio/video producers

B2B Marketing Team Structure: Influential Factors

Organizational structures for B2B marketing can take many different forms. The secret is to customize it for your business. Here are a few elements influencing your B2B marketing team’s organizational structure.

1. Nature of the business

Depending on the characteristics of your business, choose how to set up your marketing organization. To categorize the roles that fit into each room, decide how to classify your teams. Should your teams be set up according to the services they provide or the products you sell? What about location or area?

2. Size of the company

When it comes to marketing teams, size matters! Startups may have to get creative with their small but mighty teams, while larger companies have the luxury of beefing up their marketing division like a bodybuilder on a protein shake diet. 

The key is to keep things lean and mean for the little guys, while the big dogs can afford to splurge on more positions than a game of musical chairs. Whether you’re a David or a Goliath in the business world, the right marketing team structure is essential for success – so choose wisely!

3. Modern marketing techniques

Hey there, big shot – what’s your current marketing game plan? How are you generating those leads, huh? If you want to keep climbing the ladder of success, you need to get yourself a digital marketing team that knows their stuff. 

No more winging it like a bird with a broken wing – it’s time to get serious about your marketing game. So buckle up, buttercup – with the right team in place, you’ll be generating more leads than a forest full of fireflies in no time!

4. Budget

Listen up, folks – your B2B marketing team is all about that budget! Money talks, and hiring top-notch marketing specialists can cost a pretty penny, so some businesses opt for an offshore marketing team to save some cash. It’s like a game of financial limbo – how low can you go? 

But don’t worry, with the right team in place, you can still knock it out of the park, even on a shoestring budget. So don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box – your marketing team’s success is all about maximizing your resources!

5. Long-term objectives

The organization of your marketing team will depend on where your B2B firm goes over the next 12 to 18 months. Keep the bigger picture in mind; you want to have the experts you need to be successful, not to have redundancy.

6. Relationship between sales and marketing

Sales and marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly, or mac and cheese – they’re meant to be! But to really make the magic happen, you need a well-oiled machine that brings these two departments together. It’s like a dance – you need to analyze how marketing and sales tasks overlap and make sure your teams are moving to the same beat. 

When everyone’s in sync, you’ll see some serious results. So let’s get this party started and create a B2B marketing team structure that’ll have your sales and marketing teams working together like a well-tuned machine!

B2B marketing team structure: Prioritize foundational hires 

Prioritize these four core positions when it comes time to assemble a B2B marketing team, whether you allocate current staff members to them or bring in fresh marketing talent.

1. The strategist

A team leader is required to develop and execute your entire B2B marketing strategy. This person should be skilled with numbers and capable of making judgements based on information. The marketing director or CMO frequently fills the position of strategist.

2. The writer

You must run marketing efforts with content; it is the king. You should hire a writer right away because of this. They should be proficient in writing a wide range of marketing content, including blogs, newsletters, social media postings, and how-to manuals.

3. A programmer

Your website is essential because it is the foundation for your online presence. Hire a front-end designer, web developer, or programmer who can build and maintain a stunning, helpful, and efficient website for your B2B business.

4. The artist

To establish a compelling visual identity for your business, it’s crucial to enlist the expertise of a skilled graphic designer. Look for an artist who can develop eye-catching graphics and help define your business’s style guide. 

This is especially important if you market your brand across multiple platforms. Creating a comprehensive style guide ensures consistency and cohesiveness across all your marketing materials, from your website to your social media profiles and beyond.

Increase your B2B marketing staff as your business expands

The B2B marketing team structure of your company will reach broader audiences, get new leads, and boost revenues if you have a strong marketing team. However, as your company expands, your small, devoted marketing crew will become overburdened. 

That should prompt you to recruit more marketing experts and professionals for your business. Increase the size of your B2B marketing team structure while also building a strategic, multifaceted, and well-organized marketing organization.

Comparing an internal and an external marketing team

Your B2B company has to fill several specialized marketing positions, either currently or later, as your organization grows. Should an internal marketing team member be hired for every job? An in-house advertising team comprises managers, specialists, and contributors who collaborate to develop and carry out your B2B marketing plan. You might gain from contracting some marketing responsibilities rather than blowing through your money on hiring these people. 

The B2B marketing team structure of your firm can benefit from the expertise of a team of marketing experts who handle all aspects of outbound and inbound marketing by working with full-service marketing companies. You can avoid spending the time, money, and resources necessary to hire in-house marketers by exporting some or all of your advertising needs. Consider collaborating with a marketing agency to alter and organize your B2B marketing operations.

The bottom line 

In the journey towards achieving business growth, the final piece of the puzzle is often the most elusive – how to reach out to new customers, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness that translates into reliable growth. This is where the expert touch of an inbound marketing agency can be the missing link that ties it all together. 

These seasoned professionals specialize in designing and executing inbound marketing strategies that attract, engage, and delight customers, generating new leads that fuel consistent business growth. With an expert inbound marketing agency in your corner, the sky’s the limit for your business growth and success.

Q: What is B2B marketing?

B2B marketing refers to the strategies and tactics used by businesses to promote their products or services to other businesses.

Q: What is a sales enablement specialist in a B2B marketing team?

A sales enablement specialist creates tools and resources that help the sales team close deals more effectively. This may include training materials, case studies, competitive analyses, and product demos.

Q: What should a B2B marketing team structure look like?

The specific structure of a B2B marketing team will depend on the size and goals of the company, but generally, it should include roles such as a marketing director or manager, content marketer, social media manager, graphic designer, and sales enablement specialist.

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