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The Real Music Company website with the words black friday sale.
Eclipse window tinting website.
Committed to your loved one's growth wordpress theme.
A screenshot of a medical website TheraLeaf.
The Audio Tailor website page of a music store.
Fyne audio website.
A screenshot of a Adgurus website
Domain Health website screenshot
CannPrescribe website, A man sitting on grass with a dog.
CannPrescribe website, A group of people
A website for a EZ-FLO that sells irrigation systems.
AVD website with the words ready to connect immersive spaces.
CannPrescribe website, A woman is sitting on a computer with a dog on her lap.
Amplify 11 website screenshot
Unlocking success stories of business transformation.
A white background with black text.

Why Accessibility Matters?

Unlock Your Website's Full Potential

Did you know your website might be turning away 1 in 4 potential customers? Web accessibility isn't just about compliance - it's about connection, inclusion, and untapped business growth.

Expand Your Audience Reach

An accessible website opens your business to a wider audience, including people with disabilities. This inclusivity can significantly expand your customer base.

Navigate Legal Complexities with Ease

Web regulations can be a maze. We make it simple. Our WCAG-compliant designs not only keep you on the right side of the law but also protect your brand’s reputation.


Legal Protection Through WCAG Compliance

  • Mitigating Legal Risks

  • Avoiding Fines and Penalties

  • Safeguarding Reputation

  • Brand Integrity

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Access to Broader Markets

Get Your Website WCAG Ready

Enhanced Experience for All

Good accessibility equals a better user experience for everyone. Clear navigation, readable text, and intuitive interfaces make your site more engaging and convert visitors into customers.

clear navigation
+ readable text
+ intuitive interfaces

Understanding WCAG

Your Blueprint for Digital Inclusion

WCAG ( Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) isn't just about compliance. It's about opening doors for all. Here's how four key principles create a web that welcomes everyone:


Alternative content for all users. Text, audio, and visual options ensure no one misses out.


Effortless navigation for everyone. Keyboard-friendly, interactive, and intuitive design.


Communication is the key. Simple language and intuitive layouts make your site a breeze to use.


Built for today and tomorrow. Your site works reliably across current and future technologies.

Comprehensive Accessibility Solutions

Key Features of Our Accessible Web Design

Comprehensive Text Alternatives

We provide descriptive alt text for images and captions for multimedia. This ensures all users, including those with visual or hearing impairments, can fully access your content. We also create accessible PDFs and documents.

Seamless Navigation and Interaction

We build websites that are fully navigable via keyboard and assistive technologies. We implement semantic HTML for clear structure and create forms with intuitive labels and instructions.

Visual Accessibility and Readability

We optimise colour contrast and offer text resizing options. This enhances readability for users with visual impairments and ensures content remains accessible across various display settings.

Responsive and Consistent Design

We create responsive layouts that work seamlessly across all devices. Our consistent navigation and structure help all users, especially those with cognitive disabilities, to easily find information.

An advertisement for NDIS cleaning services. On the left, a woman smiles holding a laundry basket. On the right, a man wearing sunglasses uses his smartphone. "Enquire Now" button is at the bottom.
HTML form for appointment scheduling, with fields for name, email, phone number, postal code, and message. Features a 100% accessibility rating. Includes photos of two individuals, one laughing.
A webpage snippet showing "How it works" section, large text options, contrast ratio of 9.76, and images of two people using a laptop. One person smiles while working on a laptop, the other is seated on a sofa.
A collage showing the "Wish Health" website on multiple devices with different team photos and a woman smiling while using a smartphone. Responsive Web Design certification is labeled as "Pass".

The Process

We Worry About The Details
So You Don't Have To.

Our methodical approach ensures your website is both beautiful and accessible.


Research And Strategy

We lay the foundation with in-depth research, focusing on your goals, audience needs, and accessibility requirements.

  • Define project goals & accessibility objectives

  • Research inclusive user needs

  • Analyse competitor accessibility

Content Discovery & Strategy

A poster with the words typography.
A group of people sitting around a table in an office discussing brand strategy
A man designing structure on a whiteboard

Design And Prototype

We create wireframes and prototypes that are both visually captivating and accessibility-compliant.

  • Create detailed wireframes

  • Develop WCAG-compliant visuals

  • Build interactive prototypes

Reviewing design prototypeDesigning website prototype


Our development phase is about bringing designs to life with responsive design and CMS integration.

  • Select optimal technology stack

  • Code responsive design

  • Integrate accessibility-ready CMS

Bricks Builder
VS Code
Fluent Forms
Rank Math

Copywriting And Testing

We craft compelling, accessible copy and test for both functionality and accessibility compliance.

  • Create accessible content

  • Conduct usability testing

  • Perform accessibility audits

Copywriting and testing on web designing project

Diagnose performance

Two web developer sitting at a desk looking at a computer.

Launch 🚀

We execute final checks, secure your site, and ensure ongoing accessibility compliance.

  • Run final compliance checks

  • Implement security measures

  • Set up accessibility monitoring

A screenshot of a mobile app with a purple background.

Publish Website


I'm blown the F*** away!

My business is thriving

Single-handedly grown my business.

Casey Jones Marketer

Trusted Globally


Client Revenue

We're working with clients in the Asia-Pacific, the USA and UK. Driving results for businesses and government organisations across the globe.

Digital Marketing for Sydney Hi Fi Store Marketing
Online Marketing for Speech Clinic
Digital Marketing for the audio tailor
Copy Writing for Wonderful Indonesia
Creative Indonesia
Digital Marketing for OFO outdoor furniture
XR Health logo
ShiftCare Logo
Digital Marketing for care speech pathology
GRS Health
Digital Marketing for the amplify 11 accounting service provider
Digital Marketing for the Black Friday Cyber Monday
Digital Marketing for the Eclipse Tinting
Digital Marketing for Adaptability therapy
Digital Marketing for the dttw electrical service
TheraLeaf logo
Digital Marketing for the Hi-Fi Collectives
Digital Marketing for the Real Music Company
Digital Marketing for the babybub
Digital Marketing for the scopiqs
Digital Marketing for the Saranah Beauty
Digital Marketing for the Trainable
Digital Marketing for the Speech Teacher
Health care providers association logo.
Digital Marketing for VAG Consulting

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How much would your business make with $5.55 leads and 30% conversion rates!?

These are real client results and we have 100s of screenshots and case studies that look just like this one. You'll find information all over our website that talks about us being a "Results" focused agency. This client achieved 231 conversions (lead form submission + phone calls) in 6 weeks. Their Avg. CLV (per client revenue) is ~$5200AUD.
Screenshot of Allied Health Google Ad Campaign ResultsOrganic SEO Growth
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- Casey Jones

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Are You Happy With Your Website?

Hey There! 👋

Let’s chat about your website for a moment. You’ve put a lot of effort into your brand, right? Your products, your service, your values – they’re all top-notch. But what about your digital storefront? Is it truly reflecting the awesome business you’ve built?

Accessible design isn’t a trend – it’s a business imperative. It’s about creating a digital space that truly reflects your values and welcomes every customer.

Think about your customers. All of them.

  • Screen reader users
  • Keyboard navigators
  • Those needing high contrast

Are they experiencing your brand fully online? An accessible website ensures they do.

But it’s more than accommodation. It’s about superior user experience for everyone. Clear navigation. Structured content. Intuitive design. These are hallmarks of excellence that benefit all users.

And let’s talk brand image for a sec. In a world where consumers are increasingly socially conscious, having an accessible website sends a powerful message. It says you care. It says you’re thoughtful. It says you’re committed to inclusion. That’s the kind of brand reputation money can’t buy.

Now, I get it. The idea of overhauling your website might seem daunting. You might be thinking, “But my site looks fine as it is!” And maybe it does. But what if it could be better? What if it could work harder for your business, reach more people, and truly showcase your brand’s values?

That’s where we come in. We’re not just about ticking boxes for compliance (though we do that too). We’re about crafting digital experiences that align with your brand and welcome every potential customer with open arms.

So, ready to take your digital presence to the next level?

Let’s make your website as awesome as your business.

Your future customers – all of them – will thank you.

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Driving Results with Accessible Website Design

The Full-Service Accessible Website Design Agency, with a Full-Stack of Results. Check out some of our Accessible Web Design results we've achieved over the years.
seo-results-australian-companyScreenshot of million dollar advertising campaigns on Google Ads for a CJ&CO clientFacebook Instagram Advertising ResultsA graph showing the growth of a website's traffic.A screenshot of a google spreadsheet with a number highlighted.A screenshot of the shopify analytics dashboard.Marketing Campaign Results Google Search Console ScreenshotGoogle Ads ResultsText message conversation discussing an increase in inquiries and the need for more therapistsOrganic SEO GrowthScreenshot of $300,000 results for ecommerce clientScreenshot of advertising campaigns with between 5 and 29x return on ad spendTableau Graph Plotting Client's Sales Growth over 2 yearsCold Email Outreach Results for a CJ&CO ClientScreenshot of Allied Health Digital Marketing Campaign ResultsScreenshot of Google Advertising results 680+ conversion for a CJ&CO clientClient feedback of BabyBubScreenshot of Lead Generation campaign for Lead Generationseo-results-australian-companyScreenshot of Allied Health Digital Marketing Campaign ResultsCompetitive Niche Marketing Campaign Results Screenshot from Google AdsScreenshot of client's reaction to marketing resultsUSA Advertising Campaign generated $40,000+ from $900 of ad spend63% Open Rates for Email Campaign to 14,000 SubscribersLead Generation campaign results screenshot for a client of CJ&COScreenshot of Client Text Message Saying They're Blown Away with the Marketing ResultsEcommerce Email ScreenshotScreenshot of Purchase Conversion Value results from 5 campaigns totalling $100,000+ for CJ&CO clientScreenshot of Allied Health Google Ad Campaign ResultsReturn On Ad Spend from Social Media Advertising CampaignsScreenshot of Allied Health Digital Marketing Campaign ResultsLuxury Brand Marketing Results$80,000 Google Ad ResultsScreenshot of Organic Keyword Growth on Google Australia from SEMRushScreenshot of LinkedIn post about Australian Ecommerce business growth compared to competitors615+ conversions generated for client worth $25,000Graphic showing gross sales growth over the calendar yearBlack and white photo of SEO results100% Growth for Ecommerce Business MTD YoYScreenshot of SEO issues that were resolvedGoogle Display Ads Screenshot of Client ResultsScreenshot of Client Text Message Saying They're Blown Away with the Marketing ResultsGraph of ecommerce website's sessions per month growth over 4 yearsCore Web Vitals Lighthouse Speed Test Result ScoresGoogle Search Console Trend of Impressions and Clicks for new ClientScreenshot of Client Text Message Saying They're Blown Away with the Marketing ResultsWebsite design results client feedback

Since going with Casey and his team, we have had nothing but wins! They are great communicators, but more importantly, have got awesome results with low lead costs and have taken the time to really understand our business and our customers. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Chris Jellis in front of an ivy covered wall.
Chris Jellis

Domain Health

What We Do

Consulting Services

Your brand is your powerhouse, fueling growth and attracting customers. Owning your online presence with a bold digital marketing strategy is crucial for business success. Our consulting services craft and implement a masterful online marketing a plan, leveraging the latest tools and trends to fine-tune your digital machinery. From SEO and Google Ads to targeted campaigns and conversion rate optimisation, we'll help you stay relevant, dive deep, and deliver results in today's competitive market.

Marketing Strategy

Mad marketing consultants crafting strategies to conquer your business & marketing goals! Our digital marketing consulting leverages the latest tools & trends for your success.

  • Accelerate Your Growth

  • High-Octane Strategies

  • Blueprints for Kickass Results

  • Multi-Step Planning & Forecasting

Search Advertising

Hunt down customers on Google, YouTube & Bing with our cutting-edge PPC tactics. Digital marketing experts leveraging the latest tools for your success.

  • Industry-Crushing Results

  • YouTube Ads (Elite-Level)

  • Data-Science Analysis

  • Multi-Step Planning & Forecasting

Social Media Marketing

We've cracked the code for ultimate social media ad performance. Transforming accounts from zeroes to heroes with our  digital marketing tools,strategies and expertise.

  • Facebook Ads that Slay

  • Instagram Ads that Rock

  • TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest & beyond

  • Where your customers chill


Watch your sales & revenue skyrocket with our ecommerce marketing services. Our digital marketing consultants leverage the latest tools & trends for your success.

  • Full-Throttle Management

  • Guaranteed to Piss Off Your Rivals (Big Time)

  • Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Neto + more

Lead Generation

Generate a relentless torrent of hot leads with our digital marketing strategies. Our experts leverage the latest tools & techniques to  our clients &deliver results.

  • Industry-Crushing Results

  • Next-Level Integrations & Automations

  • Supercharged Landing Pages

  • Sync with your CRM seamlessly

Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO is the  key secret ingredient for campaign success. Our digital marketing consultants optimise your website & landing pages to skyrocket conversions.

  • Relentless Optimisation

  • Maximise Your Returns

  • Data-Fueled Decisions

  • Spend Less, Score More

Search Engine Optimisation

Be the shining beacon in Google search results with our SEO services. Digital marketing experts leveraging the latest techniques for your online success.

  • Traffic Explosion

  • Conversion Bonanza

  • SEO Growth Hacks

  • Harnessing AI

  • Google Safe

Email Marketing

Inside scoop on 5 & 6-figure email campaigns from our digital marketing experts. Leveraging the latest tools & digital marketing trends, to deliver results for your business.

  • Eye-Popping Designs

  • Boosts Your Returns

  • Data-Driven Decisions

  • We Track Real Results

  • Spend Less, Reap More


Captivate your audience with genuine, compelling copy. Our digital marketing consultants craft content that resonates & drives action. Leverage our expertise.

  • High Converting Copy

  • Short Form & Long Form

  • Elevate Your Entire Funnel

Web Design

Transform your website into a jaw-dropping conversion beast with our web design services. Digital marketing experts crafting sites  websitesthat deliver results.

  • Results-Driven Design

  • Conversion Machines

  • No Cookie-Cutter Themes

Graphic Design

Graphic design service that drives results for your brand. Our digital marketing consultants leverage the latest trends & techniques to create compelling visuals.

  • Drop-Dead Gorgeous Digital Graphics

  • Pixel-Perfect Print Masterpieces

  • From Business Cards to Billboards

  • Modern & Scalable Formats

Business Coaching

Navigate business challenges with guidance from our expert coaches. Digital marketing consultants with deep industry knowledge to help business growth.

  • Profit-First Attitude

  • Kickass Goals

  • Epic Results Without Spending a Dime More

We don't work with 'just any business'.

We don't want 100s of clients. We want to work with a select few that we cherish like your favourite jumper from Grandma.

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Ben Howard

Eclipse Tinting

Extremely happy with Casey and his team. If you're looking for a highly experienced, knowledgeable and ideas-driven marketing agency, look no further.

Jack Duke from Care Speech Pathology

Jack Duke

Care Speech Pathology

Carly Dibble

Meraki Home Design

Delivered outstanding results.... Super helpful and outstanding with his communication.

Harrison Westerman from Westy's Pressure Washing

Harrison Westerman

Westy's Pressure Washing

Courtney Nightingale

The Parenting Edit

Up until working with Casey, we had only had poor to mediocre experiences outsourcing work to agencies. Casey & the team at CJ&CO are the exception to the rule.

babybub from BabyBub



Jack & Tabitha

Care Speech Pathology

CJ&CO have single-handedly grown my business. We're now turning away $60,000 every week in organic leads. Because, we just don't have the capacity.

Lauren Crumlish from Speech Clinic

Lauren Crumlish

Speech Clinic

To the insightful marketing behemoth that Casey brings to our whole world of getting in the customers focus zone, once again your insightful strategies always go above and beyond the normality of blanket marketing....

Stuart Taylor from The Audio Tailor

Stuart Taylor

The Audio Tailor

Since going with Casey and his team, we have had nothing but wins! They are great communicators, but more importantly, have got awesome results with low lead costs and have taken the time to really understand our business and our customers. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Chris Jellis from Domain Health

Chris Jellis

Domain Health

Usama Akram
January 16, 2023
Stuart Taylor
December 2, 2022

To the insightful marketing behemoth that Casey brings to our whole world of getting in the customers focus zone, once again your insightful strategies always go above and beyond the normality of blanket marketing and get us some enviable results from our competitors and partners alike. Keep up the efforts mate. You are our connection to the customer.

Albert Utset
November 15, 2022

Up until working with Casey, we had only had poor to mediocre experiences outsourcing work to agencies. Casey & the team at CJ&CO are the exception to the rule.Communication was beyond great, his understanding of our vision was phenomenal, and instead of needing babysitting like the other agencies we worked with, he was not only completely dependable but also gave us sound suggestions on how to get better results, at the risk of us not needing him for the initial job we requested (absolute gem).This has truly been the first time we worked with someone outside of our business that quickly grasped our vision, and that I could completely forget about and would still deliver above expectations.I honestly can't wait to work in many more projects together!

Harrison Westerman
October 15, 2022

Casey has gone above and beyond, he has delivered our standing results and through out the whole time from bouncing ideas around to the final result he has been super heap full and outstanding with his communication. I am so keen to post this video and share around, once again thank you Casey!!!

Sheriden Dobson
October 11, 2022

Casey is professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He was quick to identify where we could improve our business, and made a huge impact to our brand. Could not recommend these guys enough!

Jack Duke
February 2, 2022

Extremely happy with Casey and his team. If you're looking for a highly experienced, knowledgeable and ideas-driven marketing agency, look no further. Not only is Casey exceptionally skilled at creating highly effective marketing strategies and delivering real results, he's a pleasure to work with and a great communicator. He's helped transform our business from a fairly humble start-up to a fast growing and highly regarded service provider in our industry. He knows his stuff and we couldn't be happier. Five Stars.

Care Speech Pathology
January 18, 2022

The enquiries just keep coming and the business is now unrecognisable. But, what we like most about Casey, is he's a great communicator, really easy to work with and responsive to our needs.

Julie Allen
January 14, 2022

FIT Merchandising have been using the CJ & Co for about 7 years and love the professionalism , timely turnaround on projects , cost structure and all round quality of service we receive form them. Casey is highly skilled in all things digital marketing our brand would be lost with out his and his team.

Speech Language and Communication Needs Australia
December 20, 2021

CJ&CO has helped me to steadily gain clients so much that I'm now looking at taking on additional staff to meet the demand.

Meraki Home Design
December 16, 2021

I'd highly recommend Casey to business owners who are looking to take that plunge to market their business online.

Courtney Nightingale
August 11, 2021

Within a very short amount of time, the leads coming in the door were AMAZING!

Ben Howard
May 21, 2021

My business is thriving. They developed a new easy to use website for me whilst also managing my Google AdWords account.

Brent W
August 6, 2019

I used to enjoy doing my own marketing. Landing leads and cinching clients is a real endorphin rush. However, it was very hit or miss. One day, something changed and after almost $300 in Facebook ad spend, I didn’t land a single lead. I couldn’t figure it out and got referred to CJ&CO from a fellow OT. Within a month, with Casey's short-term strategy, the leads were rolling in!