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Does Your Business Have a Killer Video Marketing Strategy?

“Video killed the radio star” didn’t resonate across the world because it’s just a catchy tune, but because it’s TRUE!

When it comes to online marketing - Video has killed everything!

When readers skim past dozens of words at a time, they can miss the message. The lack of inflection and tone in text can lead to misunderstandings about your brand’s voice. It’s always a smart digital marketing strategy to have some video content that takes your viewer by the hand, shows them what you’re all about, and leads them through your business offerings from beginning to end.

Sure, there are self-professed readers and there are die-hard listeners. But, by natural design, we are all watchers. There’s something about our ancient selves escaping from sabre-tooth tigers and hunting down wooly mammoths that has a lot to do with how our eyes are drawn to sudden movement and how our ears perk up at noise. All this makes our brains want to immediately react to what we see.

Bundle that up with the fact that we humans are also hardwired to be lazy, or to put it politely - take the path of least resistance - we have a situation where bright colors and catchy tunes are going to make us pay attention. If these colors and sounds send the same message over and over again in new, fresh, and interesting ways - then we gobble it all up!

Video Marketing - it’s officially a must-have!

I’m Casey Jones. I’m a digital marketer. I specialize in creating online video and video marketing strategy that turns viewers and swipers into your customers and loyal followers. All while telling your unique brand story. Looking for a video marketer that gets you? Let’s talk!

Forbes reported in 2020 and 2021 that while video usage trends were on an upward trajectory anyway, the pandemic blew video viewing out of the water. If you’re planning on using video marketing for your next ad campaign (and you really should), here’s what you need to take note of:

  • 96% of consumers watch more video now than last year
  • 80% of U.S. consumers pay for streaming video service
  • 73% of adults use YouTube
  • 95% of a message is retained when watched through video.
  • Video ad spending in the U.S. increased from $8.92 billion in 2017 to $10.18 billion in 2019
  • Mobile makes up 35% of video ad spend.
  • Researchers think video ad spend will go up to $12.66 billion by 2024 with mobile ads making up 73%
  • Video ad spend on social networks has jumped from $5.65 billion in 2017 to $14.89 billion in 2021

What this means for you: 

  1. If you don’t hop aboard the video marketing train, you’re missing out on a TON of viewers finding out about your product or service. Bye bye potential customer!
  2. Your video editing needs to be razor focused on how YouTube viewers behave and engage.
  3. Your marketing videos have to be optimized for mobile viewing, and
  4. It’s getting more and more competitive to get and retain attention for your video ads.

Great, so you know video marketing is going to be beneficial for your brand awareness and successful video marketing will be potentially lucrative for your business. However, this brings us to the million dollar question: How, precisely, do you make a brand video that engages, persuades, and ultimately makes you money?

Talk to me if you’d like a quick assessment of how video production, video content marketing, and video strategy can ramp up sales and revenue for your specific business.

In 2021, there’s no room for the old, “Hi, I’m Guy, from Guy’s Stuff. We’re a small family owned business that specializes in Things. Come on down and buy some.”

That might have worked back in the day when all we had were TV commercials that couldn't be skipped. But today, anything that doesn’t resonate individually with your viewers within the first 1.7 seconds is going to be met with a sigh, eye-roll, and itchy trigger finger waiting to tap that “Skip Ad” button.

According to Facebook’s own data: The secret is to hook them in through that first 1.7 seconds, and if they watch 3 seconds, they’re more likely to watch 10 seconds!

Whew! Tough crowd!

But one that simply cannot be ignored.

The thing is, video watching is something that has increased exponentially with each new generation. When 85% of our teens watch almost 4 hours of YouTube a day, and video accounts for around 82% of all our internet traffic, your business must appeal to the tech savvy millennials, and tech savvier Gen-Z if it’s going to thrive or even survive.

Video marketers know that this crowd is glued to social media like Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. They have low tolerance for blatant advertising. As a result, video advertising on any social media platform today looks less like a marketing tool and is dressed up to look more like a genuine testimonial video, helpful product demo, or educational videos like DIYs and How-To's. Not to mention, their kids tend to view the world through devices - a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Today, whether for better or worse, the facts are that your audience is over-stimulated, easily bored, and craves entertainment. This means, your video marketing efforts need to tell your story in a way that makes them care.

Any video marketer you choose to work with should be positioning what YOU do as a solution to your target audience’s specific problems - all while making them sit up and enjoy what you have to say.

I never said it was going to be easy!

And that’s why you’re here.

If you’ve ever used Instagram stories, made a TikTok, dabbled in YouTube videos, or even edited your own home videos - you’ll know that unless you’re a super famous public figure, it isn’t easy to get loads of people watching. Although very talented people make it look easy, it’s rarely as easy as shooting something on your phone, uploading it, and dusting your hands off. Rather, there are fundamental artistic aspects that need to be respected in order to create a piece of work which speaks to the audience on an aesthetic, attractive, very personal level.

That’s because like drawing beautifully, making good music, or writing well - video making, video editing, and video marketing aren’t activities anyone can just pick up and figure out in a couple of days. It really does take skill, experience, and hundreds, if not thousands of hours of practice.

Getting a digital marketer that specializes in crafting those videos for engagement and video marketing for conversion, does however, make your life a whole lot easier. That’s because now you’re the CEO in the backseat telling the driver where you want to be.

“I want to triple my revenue by the end of the year.”

“I want to replace my income with my side hustle.”

“I want enough sales to grow my business so we’re competing with the biggest names in the industry.”

You have a clear idea of what you want, and you don’t need to take time out of your day (every day, for YEARS) to figure out the technicalities of each video ad to get there.

Think of it like ordering a gourmet meal from a restaurant. Getting customized clothes fitted at the tailor. Or talking through the lawn of your dreams with your landscaper. The brand vision is still yours, but now you have an expert to help you achieve it.

Here’s How:


Think of the last time you watched a good video, movie, or trailer.

Whether it was John Wick being badass, fast-paced Marvel heroes blowing things up, or a tear-jerking romantic comedy that kicked you in the feels and made you laugh all at the same time - you sat up and paid attention because those video editors understood the magic of:

Pacing and sequencing - We love quick cut-scenes, but too fast, and your audience feels unsatisfied (Galak, Kruger & Loewenstein, 2013).

Delays and interruptions - Slow it down a tad with a well-placed interruption to elicit satiation, enjoyment, and happiness - because now you’re pandering to their intrinsic desire to anticipate a climax at the end of it (Nelson & Meyvis, 2008; Nowlis, Mandel & McCabe, 2004).

Effective music choice - It’s hard to predict what resonates and what doesn’t because music acts as reminders of memories which are different for each person. But get the song choice right and that’s a big part in winning over viewers and customers (Abolhasani, Oakes & Oakes, 2017).

Start, peak, end, and trend audio volumes - Little things all add up. Even the changes in audio volume level throughout the video (Zauberman, Diehl & Ariely, 2006).

Oxytocin release and Emotional reactions - The best videos make us feel something (Zak, 2015).

Scene length - Keep it short and emotional for the win (Yang et. al., 2019)

I love technical detail as much as the next video marketer, but over the years of having the privilege to meet a great variety of clients from vastly different industries, one thing that makes your video marketing campaign stand out over the rest of ‘em is: Personality.

Good video ads capture all the above making you look sleek, professional, and really, really cool.

But, GREAT video ads capture what your brand, your day-to-day business, and your people are all about.

That personality is what shines through, above the nitty-gritty video editing. It’s the special sauce when it comes to what makes your video ads memorable.

That’s why it’s so important to actually speak to your digital marketer face-to-face (or voice-to-voice) and have a deeper discussion about what it means to be You.

If you’re ready for us to have that chat, shoot me a message right now to book your FREE consultation.

I look forward to meeting you!

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The Full-Service Video Marketing Agency, with a Full-Stack of Results. Check out some of our Video Marketing results we've achieved over the years.

The enquiries just keep coming and the business is now unrecognisable. But, what we like most about Casey, is he's a great communicator, really easy to work with and responsive to our needs.


CJ&CO has helped me to steadily gain clients so much that I'm now looking at taking on additional staff to meet the demand.


I'd highly recommend Casey to business owners who are looking to take that plunge to market their business online.

Meraki Home Design 16 December 2021

I spent almost 2 years trying to switch over to being self-employed full time. But having to juggle so many different aspects of marketing with very little time burnt me out. I met Casey just over 3 months ago, and he’s already convinced me to go full time with the number of consistent leads coming in! I’m so excited for the future. Thank you!

Jen 4 September 2021

Within a very short amount of time, the leads coming in the door were AMAZING!


My business is thriving. They developed a new easy to use website for me whilst also managing my Google AdWords account.

Ben Howard 21 May 2021

After a decade of hands-on client experience (which I loved), I was ready to move up a level and focus on growing and managing my own OT business instead. Four marketing agencies later, I know exactly what I don’t need - big promises, exorbitant fees, and too much talk with no action. Casey is a one in a million find. We’ve been with him 3 years now and never looked back.

Jane L 16 March 2021

I used to enjoy doing my own marketing. Landing leads and cinching clients is a real endorphin rush. However, it was very hit or miss. One day, something changed and after almost $300 in Facebook ad spend, I didn’t land a single lead. I couldn’t figure it out and got referred to CJ&CO from a fellow OT. Within a month, with Casey's short-term strategy, the leads were rolling in!

Brent W 6 August 2019
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