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We. Know. Local.

You're a Local Business Owner. You have a problem. You need marketing, but you don't know who you can trust. Well, some call us a local marketing agency. But you can just call us "that company that drives all our profitable customers to us".
How We Do It
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I'm blown the F*** away!
My business is thriving
Single-handedly grown my business.

My business is thriving. They developed a new easy to use website for me whilst also managing my Google AdWords account.

Local Business Marketing Client Review
Ben Howard
Eclipse Tinting

It's the already! Is your marketing sorted for ?

How much would your local business make with $5.55 leads and 30% conversion rates!?

These are real client results and we have 100s of screenshots and case studies that look just like this one. You'll find information all over our website that talks about us being a "Results" focused agency. This client achieved 231 conversions (lead form submission + phone calls) in 6 weeks. Their Avg. CLV (per client revenue) is ~$5200AUD.
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Within a very short amount of time, the leads coming in the door were AMAZING!

Local Business Marketing Agency Client Review
Courtney Nightingale
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Your Brand Is Our Focus.
The Attention You Deserve.
For Less Than Minimum Wage*
No Lock-in Agreements.
Everything You Need.

Ready? Let's grow your business together.

I'd love to personally chat with you about your goals, business and passions, and how we can develop a plan to achieve your goals. 

- Casey Jones
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It's !

Is Your Marketing Sorted?

So you're "just down the road".

A thriving local business (or at least you want to be).

That's great news because that makes you a Local Business Owner.

And as a Local Business Owner, you have some unique marketing challenges that other businesses don't.

That's where we come in.

We're a local business marketing agency.

We specialise in Local Business Marketing.

And we help Local Business Owners connect with their customers at scale through online and offline channels so they can focus on what they do best.

We're Local Business Marketing Consultants, Local Google Marketing Specialists, Local SEO Experts and Local Social Media Specialists.

And we have a variety of online marketing services that can help grow the reach of any location-specific or service-area business online - from search engine optimisation to social media management and beyond.

So whether you have one shop or 20.

Or whether you provide your services across your local area, or over the internet.

We're here for you.

We've built CJ&CO from the ground up to tackle the specific challenges SMBs face.

If you want

More new customers!

A rapid increase in revenue!

And ultimately to focus on what you're good at and leave the marketing to us!

Then reach out today.

But don't just take our word for it. Scroll through this page and have a look at what some of our other Local Business Marketing clients have to say.

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We Get Results for Local Businesses

The Full-Service Local Business Marketing Agency, with a Full-Stack of Results. Check out some of our Local Business Marketing results we've achieved over the years.
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We don't work with 'just any local business'.

We don't want 100s of clients. We want to work with a  select few that we cherish like your favourite jumper from Grandma.

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We'll deep dive into your business, your competitors, and tell you how Local Business Marketing can help your local business. Giving you valuable insights via video.
Terms & Conditions apply. Only available for selected businesses.
What We Do

Marketing Services

Your brand is your namesake. It’s also your money-making engine. The bigger it grows, the more brand awareness you have, and the more customers and clients come knocking on your door. Growing your business is never about setting and forgetting your website or posting up those first 15 Instagram posts before you lose steam and interest. It’s always about intelligent marketing strategy, consistent implementation, and constantly optimising all parts of your marketing machine. Not just some.

Marketing Strategy

We're Marketing Strategists. For us, it's a thrill! Why? We're planning exactly how to achieve your goals!
Grow Faster Than Ever
High-Growth Strategies
We Make Plans That Achieve Results
Multi-Step Planning & Forecasting

Search Advertising

Be visible where your customers are. Google, YouTube, Bing - we'll find them with advanced PPC tactics.
Industry-Crushing Results
Google Ads (Top-Tier)
YouTube Ads  (Top-Tier)
Bing Ads  (Top-Tier)
Data-Science Analysis

Social Media Marketing

We've got the secret. The secret to the best performing ad on Social Media. This turns accounts from Zero to Hero.
Be where your customers are
Facebook Ads That Convert
Instagram Ads That Convert
TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest & more


Look up and to your right. That's the direction our clients' sales head when we take over their Ecommerce Marketing.
Complete Management
Guaranteed To Make Your Competitors Dislike You (A Lot)
Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Neto + more

Lead Generation

Imagine getting a steady stream of qualified leads begging to become your customer.
Industry-Crushing Results
Advanced Integrations & Automations
Amplified Landing Pages
Automate & Integrate with your CRM

Conversion Rate Optimisation

So your campaigns are running and your landing pages are done. So you're finished right? Wrong. CRO is crucial.
Relentless Optimisation
Boosts Your Returns
Data-Backed Decisions
Spend Less, More Results

Search Engine Optimisation

Capture the demand. Be visible where people are looking for your products & services - on Google.
Multiply Your Traffic
Multiply Your Conversions
SEO Growth Hacks
We Leverage AI
White Hat - Always

Email Marketing

Know the secret to 5 and 6-figure emails? We do. Our Email Campaigns are Industry-Crushing.
Stunning Designs
Boosts Your Returns
Data-Backed Decisions
We Track Real Results
Spend Less, More Results


Keep it real, keep it engaging. Speak to your future clients on their level. They might not know what they want yet, but they DO know things could be improved. 
High Converting Copy
Short Form & Long Form
Better Results from Your Entire Funnel

Web Design

Does your website make you cringe? What's it doing to your customers!? We design stunning conversion machines, that go beyond your standard website.
Designed for Results
Conversion Machines
No Themes

Graphic Design

Every part of your marketing drives results, or pushes people away. We know what works and what converts.
Stunning Digital Graphics
Pixel-Perfect Print Artwork
Business Cards to Billboards
Modern & Scalable Formats

Business Coaching

When you're lost or need that extra guidance, we've got your back. We've seen what works and what doesn't across a huge range of verticals.
Profit-First Attitude
Goals That Kick A$$
Better Results Without Spending an Extra Cent

Grow your business, faster than ever.

You're a business owner. You have a problem.
You want to grow your business with digital marketing.
But, you're not sure who to trust or who can get you the results you want.
Contact Us
100,000,000+ Generated
We've been there, done that - got the T-shirt 💪
We're dedicated to growing businesses for SMB owners like you.
Trusted Globally
We're helping grow businesses across the globe and reaching users in over 120 countries.
98% Retention Rate
Churn & Burn isn't our thing. Client's stick around, because of one reason. They're happy. 

I'd highly recommend Casey to business owners who are looking to take that plunge to market their business online.

Meraki Home Design

16 December 2021

I spent almost 2 years trying to switch over to being self-employed full time. But having to juggle so many different aspects of marketing with very little time burnt me out. I met Casey just over 3 months ago, and he’s already convinced me to go full time with the number of consistent leads coming in! I’m so excited for the future. Thank you!


4 September 2021

Within a very short amount of time, the leads coming in the door were AMAZING!

Courtney Nightingale

11 August 2021

My business is thriving. They developed a new easy to use website for me whilst also managing my Google AdWords account.

Ben Howard

21 May 2021

After a decade of hands-on client experience (which I loved), I was ready to move up a level and focus on growing and managing my own OT business instead. Four marketing agencies later, I know exactly what I don’t need - big promises, exorbitant fees, and too much talk with no action. Casey is a one in a million find. We’ve been with him 3 years now and never looked back.

Jane L

16 March 2021

I used to enjoy doing my own marketing. Landing leads and cinching clients is a real endorphin rush. However, it was very hit or miss. One day, something changed and after almost $300 in Facebook ad spend, I didn’t land a single lead. I couldn’t figure it out and got referred to CJ&CO from a fellow OT. Within a month, with Casey's short-term strategy, the leads were rolling in!

Brent W

6 August 2019
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