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Marketing Gold Coast Businesses

You’ve stumbled across this page because you’ve been looking for ways to grow your business. If you’re a small business owner from the Gold Coast, or you want to market to people on the Goldy – then you’re in the right place.

In 2021, traditional marketing just won’t cut it anymore. Newspaper ads, billboards, and prime time TV are not only expensive, but just don’t have the reach they used to.

The internet is a never-ending party that’s always going. And just about every single person in the Gold Coast from Coolangatta to Hope Island is online. At some stage during the day. All day. At all hours.

They’re surfing, watching videos, and connecting with each other on social media. What’s your online presence look like right now? With an endless stream of people flowing by, through, and around your ecommerce store, website, or social media accounts – how you represent and sell yourself online is no joke.

Imagine if you could get yourself in front of all those eyes. More than 540,000 pairs, in fact. With that many viewers, it’s all a numbers game. If your business is based in Australia’s sunny Gold Coast and relies on local customers, would converting even 1% of those internet users boost your revenue significantly?

I dare say 5400 extra sales a year, month, or week wouldn’t hurt!

Digital marketing will be the quickest, most effective, and quite frankly – best way to promote the goods you’re selling, services you’re offering, or brand you’re building up.

Digital Marketing Gold Coast

Hi, I’m Casey Jones! I’m a full-stack digital marketer and Gold Coast local. Getting your small or medium business in front of as many relevant viewers as possible is what I do.

When I say, “relevant” – I mean that some advertising is going to work better for you than others.

For example, a brick-and-mortar barber shop in Burleigh Heads doesn’t need ads that are shown to people outside of the Gold Coast.

But a surf store in Surfers Paradise, with the help of trusty Australia Post, could very well want to compete for a slice of the Bondi Beach clientele who aren’t too keen on paying premium prices just because they’re standing on Australia’s most famous sands.

Getting to page #1 of Google, is therefore all relative.

My job is to know which keywords, localities, and type of search queries you need to rank for. There are loads of “Page 1’s”. You’ll want to get right to the top of the exact ones that will turn searchers into leads, and leads into profit.

Here's how
Digital Marketer in Gold Coast

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Person holding phone with Google Ads logo

Google Ads

You work hard to grow your business. But there’s one problem that keeps you up at night…

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Facebook ad on phone

Facebook Ads

“Facebook Ads don’t work and they’re expensive and complicated.” – is what I hear from business owners before…

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Instagram Ads Video Shoot

Instagram Ads

Instagram is a great platform for small businesses. It’s visual and easy to use, but…

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YouTube Ad being edited on computer

YouTube Ads

2 Billion people watch YouTube every month, it is the largest video platform in the world, yet it’s one of the most under-utilised platforms for small business…

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TikTok Advertising Agency Phone Screenshot

Tiktok Ads

TikTok downloaded 2 billion times has the attention of consumers – but not businesses. ‘Early adopters’ of TikTok have a unique…

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LinkedIn Ads in Office Building

LinkedIn Ads

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Most small business owners don’t have the time or expertise to create their own online store. They need help from someone who can build a powerful, professional and high-converting ecommerce site – one that’s optimised for sales and out-ranking the competition online.

I build high-converting stores and online strategies for businesses – taking businesses from zero to 6-figures and others from 5-figures to 7-figures.

I work with you every step of the way to make sure your new website is everything you want and most importantly – need it to be, including design, functionality, SEO, pricing and more. Let me handle all the technical stuff so you can focus on growing your business!

Bricks and mortar
Web design agency Gold Coast

Web Design that Skyrockets Sales for Gold Coast Businesses

It all starts with a professional looking website. One that says, “We’ve got a system over here, and it’s slick as. Your order won’t get lost. It’s definitely in stock. There are no delays. And, we have killer customer service in case you have any questions.”

You wouldn’t buy anything from a dodgy looking site that looks like it was put together by someone that didn’t bother reading the Wix how-to page. Neither will any of your potential customers.

If you don’t have a website right now, growing your business requires one. End of. I know you can make some good money on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok, or even auction sites and marketplaces like Ebay Australia and Amazon. But, there comes a time when you realize that those 10% – 15% fees really start to add up. Start investing that money into your own digital marketing and online presence instead.

If you do have a website, (and you’re not a digital marketer), chances are there are some tips, tricks, and hacks you’re not using yet that can really ramp up clicks, leads, and conversions immediately. Conversion Rate Optimisation is one of the most important (but often missing) steps to driving increased leads and sales.

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Facebook ads managemenet Gold Coast

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook is absolutely incredible when you want to zoom in on your future clientele down to the type of music they listen to, or clothing store they frequent. If there’s one way to razor target your audience’s needs and wants – this would be it. Like Google Ads however:

  1. They’re even fiddlier to write (A Facebook ad is notoriously finicky.
  2. Their banned words and images are a marketing course all on their own).
  3. They’re also time-consuming to check, tweak, re-activate, and compile data on.
  4. Most business owners (and even marketers) fail to achieve positive returns.

You need all pieces of the puzzle to work together to get the best results (Written copy, Graphic Design, Website Design, Strategy, Social Media Marketing)

But they work. If your business is already doing well, and you want to shift it into the big leagues, then don’t waste time, ad spend, and mental health (I wish I was kidding!) on struggling with your own Facebook Ads. If you understand the concept of going to a trained doctor to get diagnosed – you can think of me as the Facebook Ads doctor!

Instagram Marketing

Everyone’s on it. Instagram has become a powerful little app that can promote your brand all over the Gold Coast. If your customer base are the Zoomers and Millennials, then perfectly photographed pictures, well-researched hashtags, and snappy captions will be the key to your increased sales and revenue. Remember how I said I was a full-stack digital marketer? That means, I do it all from the photography, to the copywriting, to generating organic traffic, and even managing Instagram’s paid ads campaigns for your business if it benefits from it. The knowledge and skills of an advertising agency + social media marketing agency + SEO agency + website design agency + ecommerce agency. All rolled into one neat package called CJ&CO ready to help your Gold Coast business.

Instagram Video Shooting for marketing
YouTube marketing

YouTube Marketing

Video marketing doesn’t work unless it’s at a production and engagement level high enough to capture more than 3 seconds of viewer attention. Today, we have the attention spans of goldfish. Smart digital marketers cater to what your audience wants to see, not what makes you feel good. Marketing through Youtube videos is very dependent on your niche. I film and edit promotional videos and product videos designed to present your business as attractive, exclusive, and excellent value for money. Check out some of my client videos here.

SEO Service

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most crucial strategies a brand can implement to get leads from people searching online. It works like this: your website structure, content, and backlinks are indexed by search engines. As a result, when people do a Google search for their product or service plus the words “Gold Coast” – you come up in the top results. Sounds easy? Of course it does. But, almost all businesses have fierce competition who have been doing this for years. It can take a lot of compelling content, and backlinks to get anywhere near the top of page one on Google for your desired keywords (which is what you want). However, if you know how to do it effectively – SEO will sky rocket your business’s success rate when people type in key phrases relating to your goods/services.

SEO helps to:

  • Get more traffic to your website
  • Be found on the top of search engine results pages
  • Increase keyword rankings
  • Beat your competitors
  • Bring prospects in through the door when they do a google search for your products/services
  • Be Top of mind. Bring awareness to your brand
  • Maximise sales opportunities.
  • Generate more leads for your business.
  • Be the first place people think of when they want your products/services.

As a Gold Coast SEO Expert and expert in on-page and off-page SEO strategies, I know how to:

  1. Get Your Website on Page 1 of Google (Been there, done that, a squillion times)
  2. Ensure your website is optimised for search engines
  3. Create a marketing strategy that attracts, retains and converts more visitors
  4. Maximize your ROI with SEO Consulting services that can increase traffic to your site
Person holding phone with Google ads banner

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