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“But it felt a bit bizarre having so many clients trickle in from my successful solution. My curiosity got the better of me. I needed to know why they were coming to me when there were so many big marketing agencies out there.”

“Casey, can you help me get more sales for my shop? I have no idea what I’m doing.”

That’s how I got my start in online marketing. What began as helping family and friends rev up their revenue, turned into jobs for friends of friends, then word-of-mouth referrals.

Before long, I had quite a few Hi-Fi businesses, allied health services, and small retailers selling everything from jewelry to shoes to spa experiences under my digital wing.

Back then, I wasn’t an official online marketer yet. I did enjoy working on websites, developing customized marketing strategies, and designing flow systems tailored to the specific needs of individual businesses to rank, grow, and keep converting.

But it felt a bit bizarre having so many clients trickle in from my successful solution to that very first question. My curiosity got the better of me. I needed to know why they were coming to me when there were so many big marketing agencies out there.

I asked and received overwhelmingly similar responses: Most people have terrible experiences with online marketing agencies. As it turns out, finding an effective, results-driven, transparent agency that actually makes you money, was apparently like finding a needle in a haystack.

That’s the day I became CJ&CO. With so many burnt businesses out there, it didn’t make sense to me, to not simply offer them something that actually worked.

At the heart of what I do, is the people I get to work and spend my business hours with. They make my job worth doing. Fun, kind, awesome people who bring out the absolute best in me professionally. Their wonderfulness fuels my will to get their life’s work, hobbies, and interests the recognition and prosperity it deserves.

My reasons are also personal. Because there have been many times in my life I have been blessed to experience the rareness of being successful in my life’s art – as a founding member and lead guitarist of Ozzie band De La Cruz, as a certified sound engineer, then as a high school music teacher.

Whether it’s song, sounds, or students; I am obsessed with the process of creating, crafting, and fine-tuning. I want to search for that perfect voice, then lean on good, solid, data-driven theory, technique, and tactics to mold, shape, and smooth out the end product until what’s left is the closest thing possible to its own version of perfection.

And that’s why I choose to work with small businesses.

Businesses like Jane, an anxiety therapist who’s trying to reach out to more people during the pandemic; Robert, who builds tiny houses in a constant housing crisis; and beautiful retirees like Deb and Bill, my neighbourhood florists who just want to sell more flowers because they can’t stomach the idea of their fresh floral arrangements wilting and wasting away!

The joy of connecting with those in my immediate community and beyond, while doing something within my power to help their livelihoods flourish is very rewarding, moving stuff.

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There are so many ways to boost business, grow revenue, and become more profitable that I simply can’t cover them all here.

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About my approach

The internet is a big place and there are so many marketers and marketing agencies out there. With that, comes just as many problems. Here’s how I fix the most glaring ones that I see:

  1. Your Assets Are Your Assets – If your marketer has access to all your logins, and you don’t; you are in big trouble. Run!
  2. I Thrive On Transparency – If you can’t see actual spend within Adwords, this could be costing you big time. Let’s go through the numbers together so we know what your CPA (cost per acquisition) is and how well your ad campaigns are working so we can reiterate and replicate.
  3. I Craft A Comprehensive Solution –  Do you have a guy for Website building, a guy for Google rankings, and a guy for Facebook ads? That’s too many guys who will never connect the dots with each other.
  4. I Focus On Outcome Not Output – If your marketer is ranking random keywords on search engines that don’t result in any leads, they’re taking you on a ride to nowhere fast. Stop that train wreck before it happens!
  5. I Bill By Retainer – When I take you on, we become partners. That means I roll with your punches whether they need 150 hours a week or 5. It all evens out in the end, but I’m there for the long-term, not just fair weather.
  6. I Never Guarantee #1 Rankings On Google – Because no one can, and if they do; see (4).
  7. I Want To Know About Your Business And Your Goals So I Know What Your Needs Are – Is your agency talking up large about themselves but not asking you any questions about what you want? It’s time to wonder how much they know about you, and why they’re not bothered to know more.
  8. I Am Me. One Dude. Casey Jones. – I don’t outsource. Because ick.
  9. I Won’t Take On Just Anyone – Good marketing means getting in those leads, conversions, sales, revenue, and looking at that sweet, sweet profit. But first, you need a viable product or service that people actually want. I can’t sell poop cake. Or rocks in a cup. If you find someone that does, don’t let them go!
  10. I Am Available When You Need Me, And Even When You Don’t – Finding it hard to get a reply from your marketing agency after signing that contract? The realization you’re just a sales number sucks. I like to be a message away because we’re partners remember? See (5) if you don’t.

But these are just words. Here are some numbers. Because data is divine and analytics my infatuation:

+747.43% Orders

National Retailer

+$30,000/week equiv. Leads

National Allied Health Business

+273.69% Site Traffic

Online Retailer

+1627% Organic Traffic

National Retailer

1023% Traffic Growth

National Retailer

+1260% Organic Traffic

National Allied Health Business

+4636.84% Social Proof (User Generated Content)

National Retailer

+106% Conversion Rate Increase

Service-Area Business
*After moving from larger agency

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