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Creating Big Things, for Allied Health Businesses.

I help allied health business owners to

Rocket Client Bookings

I’m growing client bookings and leads for our local, national and international allied health businesses. I leverage organic + paid growth to accelerate your business.

Grow Your Business

By increasing client bookings and Client Lifetime Value (CTV), our clients are able to scale their business, or just have a team that’s busier than ever!

Boost Your Visibility Online

Cement your business in the industry. CJ&CO’s marketing strategies mix short, mid and long-term wins – to maximise the growth of your business.

Crafting the Big Picture with the Fine Details

A comprehensive marketing service that’s achieving big results

Website Design

For most businesses, their website is the central hub of all marketing activity.

Servers & CDNs

The Speed and security of all business assets are paramount.

Video Production

Video engages and video sells. Our cinema cameras, capture your business in detail.


Because stock images suck. I wow your customers with stunning photos.


Because words sell. You’re reading them right now.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Optimise every single element for conversions.

Google Search Optimisation

Rank High. I've achieved incredible organic results for all of our clients.

Paid Advertisement

Look to your left. Look to your right. Once these elements are taken care of, Paid Advertising is highly profitable.


Leverage the power of the influencer, at scale.

Email Marketing

Turn your customers into raving fans and extract every dollar.

Ecommerce Data

You bet I have some tricks up our sleeve. Data is a big part of what I do.

Price Tracking

Track the market. Automate pricing (just like Amazon).

Google My Your Business

Leverage the power of the local pack and beyond. Optimise GMB and reap the benefits.

Tracking & Analytics

Know how many phone calls you're getting from Paid Ads / Socials / Organic? Our clients do. Without knowing, your shooting from the hip.

I love what I do. I love hearing from businesses looking to gain market share, boost leads, boost sales and build a bigger, better business.

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