How much do GPs earn in Australia? The Real Numbers

How much do GPs earn in Australia? The Real Numbers

How much do GPs earn in Australia? The Real Numbers

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General Practitioners (GPs) in Australia are in a lucrative and rewarding field. Their earning potentials vary significantly based on a multitude of factors, including experience, location, and the specifics of their practice. Here’s a deep dive into How much do GPs earn in Australia.

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How Much Do GPs Earn in Australia?

On average, full-time GPs in Australia can earn between AUD$250,000 and AUD$350,000 annually. However, this can rise significantly for GPs who have established a loyal patient base, with some earning up to AUD$500,000. The typical day rate for GPs ranges from AUD$1,200 to AUD$1,600, influenced by the number of patients seen and the procedural work performed​​.

According to PayScale, the average salary for a General Practitioner in 2024 stands at AU$143,102, with the potential to earn from AU$82k to AU$257k in base salary. Bonuses and profit sharing can further augment this income, leading to a total pay range of AU$85k to AU$312k​.

Factors Influencing Earnings

When it comes to the earnings of General Practitioners (GPs) in Australia, several factors come into play, influencing how much they can expect to take home annually. As outlined by the insights from Locum Life, PayScale, and Medrecruit, these factors paint a comprehensive picture of the financial landscape for GPs down under.

Experience and Specialization

It’s a well-established fact that experience pays, especially in the medical field. GPs who have been practising for a longer period or those who have pursued further specialization can expect higher earnings. Specialized knowledge and skills in certain areas of medicine can significantly boost a GP’s value, allowing them to command higher fees for their services.​


The location of a GP’s practice plays a critical role in determining their earnings. Rural and remote areas in Australia often face a shortage of medical professionals, leading to more attractive compensation packages to lure GPs to these locations. It starkly contrasts urban areas, where the competition among GPs can result in lower earnings due to the higher supply of medical services​.

Billing Practices

Australian GPs have the option between bulk billing, where they accept the Medicare benefit as full payment for their services, and private billing, which allows them to set their fees above the Medicare rate. Private billing practices can potentially increase a GP’s earnings, especially if they cater to a demographic that is willing and able to pay higher out-of-pocket costs for medical services​.

Mode of Employment

The choice between independent contractors and salaried employees also impacts earnings. Independent contractors often have the potential to earn more, particularly if they are running their private practices. However, this comes with the caveat of overhead costs, which can affect the net income

On the other hand, salaried positions may offer less earning potential but come with the benefit of stability and possibly other employment benefits.​

A Diverse Earning Spectrum

The earning potential for GPs in Australia is quite varied, reflecting the profession’s diversity. According to PayScale, the average salary for a General Practitioner in 2024 is AU$143,102, extending from AU$82,000 to AU$257,000​​.

 Meanwhile, Locum Life reports that most full-time GPs make between $250,000 and $350,000 per year, with some earning as much as $500,000 depending on various factors like the number of working hours, billings percentage, and types of consultations​​. 

Medrecruit adds that, on average, a GP in Australia can expect to earn between AUD$ 200,000 and AUD$ 50,000 annually, with factors such as experience, location, billing practices, and mode of employment all contributing to this range​​.

The financial outlook for GPs in Australia is promising. Still, those looking to maximize their earnings should consider gaining additional qualifications, choosing their practice location wisely, and strategically deciding between bulk and private billing practices. Choosing between independent contracting and salaried employment can significantly impact a GP’s overall financial well-being.

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Boosting Earnings:

Advanced Training

Investing in advanced training and gaining additional qualifications can lead to higher day rates for GPs. For instance, completing courses in Advanced Life Support (ALS) or specializing in areas such as emergency medicine or obstetrics can make a GP more valuable in terms of the quality of care they can provide and their earning potential. 

According to Medrecruit, doctors with extra qualifications like an Advanced Life Support Course can earn between AUD$1,800 to AUD$2,000 per day​. It highlights the tangible benefits of continuing professional development in the medical field.

Rural Practice

Working in rural or remote locations can also lead to more lucrative earnings for GPs. These areas often face a shortage of medical professionals, which means GPs willing to work there can negotiate higher salaries or benefit from government subsidies designed to attract healthcare providers to underserved regions. 

Additionally, the reduced competition in rural areas compared to metropolitan centres can further enhance earning potential. Medrecruit notes that working in rural locations can be more financially rewarding due to government subsidies and the additional responsibilities GPs might hold in these settings​.

Locum Work

GPs who work as locums, particularly in rural or remote areas, can enjoy higher pay rates and the flexibility of choosing when and where they work. Locum work allows GPs to experience varied clinical settings, contributing to their professional development and income. Locum doctors can earn up to $4,000 a day, according to Medrecruit, with such high rates often found in rural and remote locum positions​. This flexibility and earning potential make locum work attractive for many GPs.

Each of these strategies offers distinct advantages and potential challenges. Advanced training requires time and resources but can significantly enhance a GP’s skills and marketability. Rural practice may offer financial and professional rewards but might also mean working in isolated locations. Locum work provides flexibility and high earning potential but may need more stability in a permanent position.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can GPs in Australia choose their billing method?

Yes, GPs can opt for bulk billing, where they charge the Medicare Benefits Schedule rate, or private billing, which can potentially increase their earnings.

Are earnings higher in rural areas?

Often, yes. Due to the demand and lower competition, rural areas may offer more attractive packages to GPs.

What additional benefits do GPs in Australia receive?

Beyond their salary, GPs may enjoy benefits such as professional development opportunities, superannuation contributions, and, in some cases, relocation assistance for those willing to practice in rural or regional areas​.

The Verdict

Being a GP in Australia promises a financially rewarding career but also offers diverse experiences and the opportunity to impact lives across all demographics positively. From the sun-kissed coasts to the rugged outback, GPs can carve out fulfilling careers in varied settings, with earnings that reflect their commitment, expertise, and the unique challenges of their chosen locations.

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