A Guide to Finding the Best Google Ads Agency (and Why CJ&CO Should Be Your Top Choice)

A Guide to Finding the Best Google Ads Agency (and Why CJ&CO Should Be Your Top Choice)

A Guide to Finding the Best Google Ads Agency (and Why CJ&CO Should Be Your Top Choice)

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Google Ads. The mere mention is enough to strike fear into the hearts of many a marketer.

With over 3.5 billion searches on Google daily, getting your ads to appear at the top of those coveted search results can feel like an impossible quest. But fret not, weary traveller – with the right guide, you too can navigate the treacherous waters of pay-per-click advertising and emerge victorious.

And that’s where this brutally honest guide comes in. When you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly what to look for in the best Google Ads agency. One that can take your business to the next level while treating your marketing budget with the care and respect it deserves.

A Comprehensive Guide To Finding The Best Google Ads Agency.

Why Even Bother with Google Ads in the First Place?

Look, I get it. Paying for clicks sounds about as appealing as a root canal.

But here are three compelling reasons why Google Ads should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy:

Laser Targeting of Customers

With Google Ads, you can target your ads to people searching for specific keywords relevant to your business. This level of precision is unmatched in most other advertising platforms.

No more wasting money on ads shown to the wrong people. Now, you can speak directly to those most likely to become customers.

Top of the Funnel Visibility

Getting your website to rank organically on Google can take months or even years of work. Google Ads, on the other hand, can get your business on page 1 of the search results literally overnight.

It allows you to capture new visitors at the very top of the sales funnel – when they’re actively looking for a solution to their problem.

Flexibility and Control

You can adjust your ads and targeting options at any time based on performance data. See what’s working and double down on that. Pause or eliminate what’s not.

This agility enables you to optimise your ad spend for maximum ROI.So, in summary – laser-targeted prospects, instant visibility, and complete flexibility.

With benefits like these, it’s no wonder 72% of marketers say Google Ads generates the best ROI compared to other advertising options.

5 Must-Have Capabilities in the Best Google Ads Agency

Okay, so you’re convinced that investing in Google Ads is a smart move for your business. Now comes the hard part – finding an agency truly up to the task. Here are the five capabilities that should be non-negotiable when vetting potential Google Ads management partners:

Proven Google Ads Expertise

This one’s obvious, but any agency you consider should have a robust in-house team solely dedicated to Google Ads work. No dabblers or hobbyists in this game.

Look for case studies and client reviews demonstrating their expertise across the full range of Google Ads options – Search, Display, Shopping, Video, App, and Smart campaigns.

Ideally, the team supporting your account should have 5+ years of experience managing Google Ads full-time.

Laser Focus on ROI

A common mistake businesses make is focusing purely on vanity metrics like clicks and impressions. Savvy agencies know it’s all about ROI.

Your partner should be obsessed with maximising your return on ad spend through rigorous analysis and optimisation. Things like bid adjustments, landing page testing, and negative keyword management should be part of their DNA.

Full Funnel Visibility

If your ads operate in a vacuum, optimising performance is impossible. You need visibility into how Google Ads integrates with your full marketing funnel.

Your agency should be able to track conversions beyond just form fills, like phone calls and in-store visits. This full funnel insight is essential to making smart optimisation decisions.

Transparent Reporting

Every month, you should get a detailed report highlighting key metrics and trends for your Google Ads account.

Granular data on budgets, top-performing keywords and ads, conversion paths, and more allows you to keep a pulse on campaign health.

Insist on transparency here – no more flying blind!

Strategic Business Partnership

The best agencies don’t just execute tactics; they provide strategic guidance tailored to your unique business goals.

Whether your focus is brand awareness, lead gen, or e-commerce sales – your Google Ads partner should approach your account with your specific growth objectives in mind.

This higher-level perspective ensures your ad spend is working hard to move the needle on KPIs meaningful to your organisation.

Why CJ&CO is the Top Choice for Google Ads Management

Okay, a moment of truth time.

Based on the above criteria, one Google Ads agency stands head and shoulders above the rest – and that’s CJ&CO.

Here’s why you simply won’t find a more qualified and committed Google Ads partner than CJ&CO:

  • 900% Increase in ROI – On average, CJ&CO clients see a 900% return on their Google Ads investment within the first 6 months. Our rigorous optimisation process maximises results.
  • Laser Focus on Results – CJ&CO’s Google Ads managed service includes unlimited optimisation until your account performs at its peak. We will only if you’re not seeing results.
  • Proven Track Record – With a 98% client retention rate and rave reviews, CJ&CO’s reputation speaks for itself. We’ve provided exceptional Google Ads management to brands across all major industries.
  • Tailored Strategic Guidance – CJ&CO takes the time to understand your business goals and develops a Google Ads strategy tailored to you. You get a true partner, not just an order taker.

And the proof is in the pudding – check out some of CJ&CO’s Google Ads Results to see the remarkable results they’ve delivered for clients.

So, if you’re looking for the top Google Ads agency that will take performance and results to the next level, CJ & CO is the obvious choice.

The Bottom Line

Google Ads should be a core component of any serious marketing strategy. But finding an agency that can unlock the full potential of Google Ads is easier said than done.

Hopefully, this guide has armed you with the knowledge to identify the must-have capabilities that separate the best from the rest. And why CJ&CO is the top choice for Google Ads management services.

At the end of the day, you deserve a true partner that treats your ad spend as an investment – not a cost centre. One who will work tirelessly to maximise your ROI month after month.

So take that first step and contact us today! We’re confident you’ll find the partnership you’ve been looking for.

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This has truly been the first time we worked with someone outside of our business that quickly grasped our vision, and that I could completely forget about and would still deliver above expectations.

I honestly can't wait to work in many more projects together!

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