What is Pinterest? A Fantastically Frustrating Foray into the World of Pinterest

What is Pinterest? A Fantastically Frustrating Foray into the World of Pinterest

What is Pinterest? A Fantastically Frustrating Foray into the World of Pinterest

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Let me tell you something about Pinterest, folks. If you’ve ever been on the internet (and given you’re reading this, I’m guessing you have), you’ve probably heard of it. But what is Pinterest, really? 

It’s like the Bermuda Triangle of social media – you dive in, and before you know it, you’re lost in a whirlpool of DIY crafts and avocado toast recipes.

What Is Pinterest? A Fantastically Frustrating Foray Into The World Of Pinterest What Is Pinterest

So, What is Pinterest?

My friends, Pinterest is a social media platform allowing users to discover, save and share visual content, fondly referred to as ‘Pins.’ It’s like a giant online corkboard where you can pin things that interest you. Think of it as a digital hoarding space for everything from home decor ideas to travel inspirations, fashion trends to fitness hacks.

Here’s a fun fact for you: as of 2021, Pinterest had 478 million active users worldwide. Almost half a billion people are pinning pictures of cats wearing Halloween costumes or instructions for building a tiny house out of recycled pallets. Seriously, what’s up with that?

The Great Pinterest Paradox

Here’s the paradox. Even though Pinterest doesn’t have the same ‘in your face presence as Facebook or Twitter, it’s a marketing powerhouse. Why? Because, unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest users actively seek ideas and inspiration. They’re primed and ready to consume. It’s like they’ve walked into the world’s biggest mall with their wallets wide open.

And yet, while it’s a marketer’s dream, for the rest of us mere mortals, Pinterest can be a nightmare of confusion. It’s like walking into a labyrinth filled with shiny, glittering objects, where every turn leads to another beautiful distraction.

Why Should You Care About Pinterest?

“Great,” you might be thinking, “another social media platform to suck away my time and make me feel bad about my life. Just what I needed.” And I hear you. But here’s the kicker: Pinterest isn’t just a time-suck; it’s also an opportunity.

Let me throw a few more numbers at you:

  • Pinterest users spend an average of 14.2 minutes per session on the platform. That’s longer than most people spend on their morning jog (or their entire exercise routine).
  • 80% of mothers in the U.S. are on Pinterest. If you’re a mom, there’s a good chance your mom friends are swapping slow cooker recipes and toddler tantrum solutions on Pinterest right now.
  • Nearly 60% of Pinterest users look for shopping inspiration on the platform. It’s like window shopping from your couch, with a much higher risk of impulse buying.
  • Pinterest has over 400 million monthly active users worldwide.
  • More than 2 billion searches happen on Pinterest every month.
  • It’s the third-largest social network in the U.S., trailing only behind Facebook. 
  • 85% of women on Pinterest use it to plan “life moments,” from planning a new home to finding the perfect recipe.
  • Over 240 billion pins have been saved on Pinterest.

So whether you’re looking to sell something, learn something, or just kill some time, Pinterest has you covered.

The Subtle Art of Pinning

So you’ve decided to venture into the Pinterest jungle. Congrats! Here’s a survival tip: don’t just dive in. Start by lurking. Yeah, it sounds creepy, but trust me, it’s a necessary step.

Watch how others navigate their Pinterest boards. Notice the types of content that get the most repins. Pay attention to how people craft their pin descriptions. It’s like being a detective, but you uncover the secrets of successful pinning instead of solving crimes.


In conclusion, whether you’re planning your dream wedding, looking for home decor inspiration, or seeking ways to grow your business, Pinterest is a platform that deserves your attention. It’s not merely a question of what Pinterest is; it’s about what Pinterest can do for you. So, are you ready to take the plunge and dive into the world of pins and boards? 

Who knows, you might just find your next big idea there! After all, as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and on Pinterest, there’s no shortage of pictures to inspire those words.

If you’ll excuse me, I have a board to update. I’ve suddenly got this unshakeable urge to plan an Italian vacation. A gelato in one hand, a slice of pizza in the other… sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? And all thanks to the magic of Pinterest.

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