Is Asko a Good Brand? A Brutally Honest Look at This Premium Appliance Maker

Is Asko a Good Brand? A Brutally Honest Look at This Premium Appliance Maker

Is Asko a Good Brand? A Brutally Honest Look at This Premium Appliance Maker

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Asko is a premium appliance brand that originated in Sweden and is now owned by the Italian appliance conglomerate Electrolux. Their refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and other kitchen appliances command premium prices. But are they actually worth it?

In this brutally honest deep dive, we’ll look at Asko in-depth to see if their appliances live up to the hype or if you’re better off saving your hard-earned cash. Grab a stiff drink and get comfortable because we’re not holding anything back. Let’s figure out is Asko a Good brand.

Is Asko A Good Brand? An Honest Look At This Premium Appliance Maker.

A Brief History of Asko and Their Fancy-Pants Appliances

Asko was founded in 1950 by Karl-Erik Andersson in Vara, Sweden. Back then, they mostly made dairy equipment like milk coolers. It wasn’t until 1976 that the company when they started making home appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

In the 1980s, Asko leaned heavily into their Scandinavian minimalist design heritage and began targeting more premium buyers. Their appliances boasted sleek exteriors and high-end features.

Its push into the premium market continued when Electrolux acquired Asko in 1994. Electrolux wanted Asko to be their fancy-pants brand to compete with the likes of Miele.

Today, Asko appliances are known for their minimalist design, premium materials like stainless steel and unique features like steam washing. But are these luxuries worth the high price tag? Let’s dig deeper…

Asko Refrigerators – Cool Luxury or Overpriced Hype?

Depending on the model, an Asko refrigerator will run you $4,000 to $10,000. That’s easily 2-4X the price of a standard fridge from LG, Samsung or Whirlpool.

So, what do you get for that ridiculous price tag?

Sleek Scandinavian Design

Asko refrigerators ooze minimalist Scandinavian design. They’re boxy yet elegant, with hidden hinges, integrated handles and a monochromatic colour scheme. An Asko fridge will undoubtedly be the centrepiece of your kitchen.

But let’s be honest – at this price, the fridge better double as kitchen decor!

Premium Materials

Asko only uses the best materials like stainless steel, glass and aluminium. Their refrigerators are very efficient and built to last.

But how much longer do these materials really last compared to a $2000 LG? Probably not twice as long. The premium materials help justify the price somewhat, but it’s still a stretch.

Unique Features

Asko fridges have a few unique features, like a full-width produce drawer with adjustable humidity. Nice to have, but hardly essential.

They also have air purification systems to reduce food spoilage. Again, nice, but not $5000-6000 nicer than a standard fridge.

Is Asko Worth the Huge Premium?

Asko fridges are gorgeous and well-built. But are they actually $4000-6000 better than mainstream brands? Probably not for most people.

The minimalist design and premium materials are nice but don’t fundamentally improve function. You’re paying a 100-200% premium just for style and bragging rights.

If you’ve got money to burn, I can see the appeal. But for us average folks, an LG or Samsung fridge gets the job done at a fraction of the price.

Asko Dishwashers – Steam Cleaning Miracle Or Total Gimmick?

Asko dishwashers range from $1000 on the low end to a jaw-dropping $2500 for the top models. That’s Porsche territory for a freaking dishwasher!

You could buy a decent used car for the price of an Asko dishwasher. But are they worth it? Let’s investigate…

Fanatical Attention to Design

Like their fridges, Asko dishwashers look gorgeous. The minimalist style and hidden controls are sleek.

Asko uses premium materials like stainless steel tubs and installed a triple-layer sound insulation system to keep things quiet.

Again, you’re paying a huge premium for design and materials that don’t improve function. But some people really value aesthetics, so fair enough.

Unique Steam Washing Features

Here’s where Asko really tries to justify the price tag. Their top dishwashers have steam washing and drying features to sanitize dishes and cut through dried-on food.

This steam system sounds amazing in theory. But in reality, traditional dishwashers already sanitize by heating water to 160+ degrees Fahrenheit. Steam’s marginal benefit doesn’t justify the 1000%+ premium over a mainstream brand of machine.

Is the Price Justifiable?

Asko appliances, they’re like that hot date who turns out to be high maintenance. Sure, they look sleek, dripping with that European luxury vibe, like they just stepped off a Milan runway. But here’s the kicker: are they really worth the big bucks they demand?

First off, Asko’s design is top-notch. We’re talking about appliances that could probably get a standing ovation in an art gallery. High-end materials, fancy features like steam and washing machine, – it’s all there. But, and it’s a big but, a lot of these features are more about show than actual, tangible benefits. It’s like paying for a Ferrari when all you do is drive to the supermarket​​.

Then there’s the performance. Asko dishwashers, for example, they do a solid job. They’ve got their water game figured out, spraying your dirty laundry and dishes from every possible angle like a well-choreographed water ballet. And the drying tech? It’s like a Sahara desert wind in there, making sure everything comes out bone-dry​​.

But here comes the plot twist: customer service and reliability. Imagine this: you buy this shiny, expensive toy, and then, bam, it decides to take an unexpected nap. Trying to get help feels like sending a message in a bottle. And this isn’t just one sad customer’s tale – it’s a chorus of disappointments singing the same tune​.

So how does Asko stack up against the competition, like Bosch Benchmark? Sure, Asko has got some heavy metal – stainless steel and all that jazz. But Bosch plays the long game with better reliability and is often lighter on your wallet with those sweet, sweet rebates​.

Now, let’s get real. Are Asko appliances the be-all and end-all? Nah. They’re like that designer handbag that costs a month’s rent – pretty, but not really doing anything more than the one you can snag at a regular store. You might want to think twice if you’re not someone who drools over brand tags and has cash to burn.

Why? Because at the end of the day, a fridge’s job is to chill, and a dishwasher’s mission is to wash and to clean. And guess what? There are plenty of ‘average Joes’ out there that can do that just as well, without eating up your savings.

So, if you’re considering going for Asko, ask yourself: is it the luxury and style you’re after or the actual nuts and bolts of keeping your food cold and dishes clean? If it’s the latter, maybe keep that wallet in your pocket and head down the mainstream avenue. Your bank account will thank you.

Asko Customer Service Conundrum: After Sales Service

Picture this: You’ve just dropped a decent chunk of change on what you think is a high-end dishwasher, only for it to crap out on you faster than a cheap umbrella in a hurricane. You call for help, and what do you get? A merry-go-round of referrals, delays, and a customer service that seems as effective as a screen door on a submarine. Weeks without a functioning appliance, and all you’ve got to show for it is a growing pile of dirty dishes and a sense of regret that’s harder to scrub off than baked-on lasagna.

And it’s not just about dishwashers turning into expensive paperweights. We’ve got asko washing machines that seem to think they’re in a demolition derby, tearing up your clothes like a bad breakup tears up your heart. Then there’s the customer service – oh boy, the customer service. It’s like playing a game of hide-and-seek where they’re always hiding, and you’re always seeking. Calls not returned, emails lost in the void, and a level of helpfulness that makes you wonder if they’re actually trying to solve your problem or just see how long they can string you along before you give up.

This isn’t just a couple of angry tweets or a bad review on Yelp. This is a pattern, a systematic series of facepalms that makes you question how a brand that charges premium prices can’t seem to afford a decent customer service experience. It’s a lesson in irony, a case study in how not to treat the people who keep your business alive.

So, what’s the bottom line here? If you’re thinking about going with Asko, maybe think again. Because while their appliances might look shiny and fancy, the whole repair service backing them up seems about as reliable as a chocolate teapot. And who needs that kind of headache?

For those brave souls who want to venture further into the abyss of Asko’s customer service sagas, check out the stories for yourself at ConsumerAffairs​​ and ComplaintsBoard. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Asko worth the high prices?

For most buyers, no. You’re paying 2-10X more for incremental upgrades in materials and design that don’t fundamentally improve appliance performance. The average consumer is better off saving money with a mainstream brand.

Are Asko appliances reliable?

Yes, Asko appliances are very reliable due to high-end materials and good engineering. But mainstream brands have also improved reliability and can still save you thousands.

Do Asko appliances have better features?

Asko offers some unique features like steam cleaning, but these are often more marketing gimmicks than necessities. Mainstream brands have similar capabilities at lower prices.

The Bottom Line – Is Asko a Good Brand?

After looking closely at Asko refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and more, a few key themes emerge:

  • Asko appliances are extraordinarily well-designed and built with premium materials. No question they are high-quality.
  • They offer some unique features like steam washing and air purification systems. But these don’t fundamentally improve appliance performance.
  • Asko charges 2-10X the price of mainstream brands. You’re paying mostly for style and prestige, not better function.

Asko makes great appliances. But their prices are really hard to justify for most people. Unless you have money to burn, you can get similar performance and reliability from more affordable brands.

Sure, Asko looks fancier. But a fridge’s job is to keep food cold, not win a beauty contest. And a dishwasher needs to clean dishes, not vacuum your wallet.

Before spending thousands on an Asko, consider whether you need luxury materials and gimmicky features. For most buyers, mainstream brands are the smarter choice.

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