How To Get Better Google Reviews

How To Get Better Google Reviews

How To Get Better Google Reviews

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If you’re an Aussie business owner looking to get better Google reviews, I’m here to tell you that it’s not as hard as you might think! Getting glowing Google reviews from customers has a huge positive impact on your business. We’ve seen this first-hand. Not only does it help draw in new customers, but it can help you rank higher on search engines, increase your click-through rates and increase your conversion rates online and in your advertising. There are so many benefits to boosting your Google reviews. Let me show you why.

But before we start, I wanted to show you some real-world results of this in action and what you can easily achieve with small tweaks to your current review strategy.

Oh and ps. this also works for Facebook and pretty much any other review site.

Google Business Profile Screenshot
Eclipse Tinting’s 5 Star Review count. 100% Natural. Using the strategies in this article.
Google Business Profile Screenshot
The Audio Tailor’s 5 Star Reviews. Using this same strategy.

The most important thing is to provide an outstanding product and service. No matter how smart your marketing team is, if you provide bad service, you’re gonna get bad reviews. We’re marketing experts but not miracle workers.

So here’s what you need to do to get better Google reviews.

Ask for the review

The simplest and most important step is to simply ask your customers to leave a review on Google. If you don’t ask, people are not going to think about it themselves. If you’re automating an email out to customers (you should be!), you can prompt people that ‘you’ll be receiving an email from us to leave a Google review. We’d love it if you would, as it’s so helpful for us.’ That way, they know it’s coming and you’ve primed them.

Make it easy to leave a review

No one wants to jump through hoops or spend ages figuring out how to leave a review. Make sure you give customers clear instructions on how they can leave a review, as well as include direct links so that all they have to do is click the button. This really helps!

You can go to your Google Business Profile and copy the “Get More Reviews” link. When you send that to a customer, the link will automatically take them to the correct place and even show the review popup. Effortless. Remove those barriers and your reviews will climb!

Use email to increase your Google reviews fast

Now is the time if you’ve never asked your customers for a review. Create a simple email (it doesn’t have to be fancy, sometimes a plain text email works best!). Send it to them with the link above. But, also keep in mind this next step below, as it’s one of the most crucial steps.

Google Business Profile Screenshot
Stash Record’s Google Business Profile

Automated Review Emails After Delivery

When customers receive their product or service, this is the prime time to ask for a review. They’ve just experienced your business and are in a good mood (hopefully!). Email them right away with a quick reminder that you’d love it if they left a Google review – even better if you use automated email systems so it’s sent out straight away. You can put this on auto-pilot and sit back, crack a beer and watch those 5-star reviews roll in.

Google Business Profile Screenshot
OFO Outdoor Furniture’s 357 Reviews on Google

How To Prevent Bad Reviews on Google

It happens. We’re all human. Sometimes, we unfortunately make mistakes. We’ve all been there, regardless of who we are. The last thing you want for your business, is for that single bad review to haunt you forever on Google. Now, this is the most crucial strategy when people try to get better google reviews. When you ask your customers for reviews via email, give them multiple options, from poor to fantastic (exactly like the below image). If they choose anything other than the 5-star option, send them to a private contact form, where they can privately voice their opinions. If someone clicks on the 5-star option, boom. Send them to the Google Review link and let those 5-star reviews roll in!

This is battle tested. It works. And we’ve generated THOUSANDS upon thousands of 5-star reviews for our clients with this method.x

Email Rating Screenshot
It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can use stars, emojis or anything that matches your brand

Incentivise 5-Star Google Reviews

I personally don’t like this one, and it’s not something we’ve ever used, but it works. Incentives are a great way to get your customers to leave a google review, and chances are if you offer them something for free, they will be more than happy to leave a glowing review. Just make sure that whatever incentive you’re offering is in line with Google’s guidelines. Remember, we don’t want any penalties

At the end of the day, getting better Google reviews comes down to providing quality products and services and actively engaging with your customer base. Show them that you care about their opinion by being proactive in seeking feedback and give them a reason to leave glowing comments – before long, you’ll have those desirable five-star Google ratings rolling in!

Thanks for reading. Now go get those reviews! Your business will thank you for it!

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