Postmates Australia: An Uncharted Frontier Awaits

Postmates Australia: An Uncharted Frontier Awaits

Postmates Australia: An Uncharted Frontier Awaits

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Ever heard of Postmates? If you’re from the United States, you’ve used it for a late-night burger run or a last-minute grocery dash. But what about Postmates Australia? Hold onto your kangaroo hats because we’re about to dive into the tantalising potential of this food delivery titan Down Under.

Postmates Australia: An Uncharted Frontier Awaits Postmates Australia

Postmates: The American Phenomenon

It’s no secret that Postmates has made waves in the U.S. food delivery market. With over 9.3 million monthly active users in 2021 and making a whopping $730 million in revenue that same year, it’s clear as the Aussie sky on a summer’s day that Postmates is a force to be reckoned with​1​. The platform is home to more than 600,000 merchants, and the users order a staggering five million items a month​1​. Talk about a feast of numbers!

The Postmates Philosophy: Cities as Warehouses

What sets Postmates apart from other delivery services? Well, for one, they view cities as their warehouses. Instead of building huge storage facilities on the city outskirts, they tap into the vast array of goods in the heart of the urban jungle​​.

Postmates uses smart algorithms and mapping technologies to connect local businesses with new customers, extending their geographical reach. This clever approach not only boosts local economies but also adds a dash of convenience to our daily lives​​. It’s like having a superpower that teleports groceries right to your doorstep. Who wouldn’t want that?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Postmates Down Under

Let’s break it down, shall we?

The Good

  1. Convenience: There’s no denying that Postmates is a godsend for those days when cooking seems as appealing as a root canal.
  2. Variety: With access to an array of eateries, Postmates is like a culinary United Nations, right in your pocket.
  3. Jobs: Postmates has created jobs for thousands of delivery drivers, or as they like to call them, “Postmates” – a clever little twist on ‘mates’, don’t you think?

The Bad

  1. Price: Convenience comes at a price. And sometimes, that price can be as hefty as a kangaroo’s kick.
  2. Dependency: Is the ease of Postmates making us more sloth-like? Could we be just a click away from becoming a nation of couch potatoes?
  3. Impact on Local Businesses: With big tech entering the food delivery arena, are local businesses getting a raw deal?

The Ugly

  1. Delivery Mishaps: Postmates has had its fair share of blunders, from How to sell 100 items a day on eBay – Don’t Miss Out!“>missing items to late deliveries.

So, Postmates: a blessing or a boonie? The jury’s still out on this one.

The Economic Impact of Postmates

Now, you might wonder, “How much of an impact can a delivery service make?” Hold onto your didgeridoos because these numbers will blow you away.

In 2017, Postmates helped their merchant partners grow by about 3.7 times compared to non-merchant partners. I’m no maths whiz, but those are some impressive figures! They boosted third-party delivery sales by 25% for some businesses, adding a significant percentage to their daily revenue​.

But the benefits aren’t just for businesses. The Postmates platform also provides flexible work opportunities, with their fleet earning an average of $18.32 an hour while active on the job in 2017​​. And let’s not forget about the customers – they saved 11 million hours that year, which could be spent with family, on work, or – let’s be real – binge-watching their favourite shows.

Even more staggering is the fact that for every $1 spent on the Postmates platform, there’s an approximate $18.55 in additional economic impact. 2018 the platform helped create $1.2 billion in economic activity across the U.S​.

The Potential of Postmates Australia

So, what about Postmates Australia? As of my last search, there’s no sign of the delivery giant leaping over the Pacific just yet. But imagine the possibilities if they did! Australia has a thriving food scene, and there’s a hunger for more convenient delivery options. Would Postmates be the answer to our Aussie prayers?

The online food delivery market in Australia is growing. The global online food delivery app revenue is predicted to generate around $33 billion in 2023, a healthy increase from $28 billion in 2021​​. If Postmates were to hop into this market, it could be a win-win for everyone involved – businesses, customers, and delivery workers alike.

But then again, the market isn’t exactly empty. There are already several players in the Australian food delivery scene. But with Postmates’ unique approach and proven success in the U.S., they might have what it takes to make a big splash.

Ultimately, the decision to launch Postmates Australia would depend on various factors, including market demand, competition, and logistics. But given their track record and the Australian market’s potential, it’s an intriguing prospect.

Postmates Australia Alternative:

Menulog is a popular food delivery service in Australia, providing an alternative to Postmates Australia for consumers in this region. Menulog was founded in Sydney in 2006 and has grown to become one of Australia’s widest-reaching online food delivery services. It was acquired by UK-based company Eat in 2015, and later became part of Dutch-based Just Eat in 2020.

Similar to Postmates, Menulog connects customers with a vast array of local restaurants for home delivery or pick-up. The service has a significant market presence in Australia, holding a market share of approximately 24% of the online food delivery market as of data available in 2022. This makes Menulog a significant player in the market, trailing only Uber Eats and DoorDash in terms of market share.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Postmates different from other food delivery services?

Postmates’ unique approach treats cities as their warehouses. They connect local businesses with new customers, extending their geographical reach and supporting local economies.

Is Postmates available in Australia?

As of now, Postmates does not operate in Australia. However, given the success and growth of the online food delivery market in Australia, it’s a possibility for the future.


Postmates has undeniably made a significant impact in the U.S. food delivery market, both economically and socially. Their unique approach to urban delivery has redefined convenience for millions of Americans and substantially boosted local businesses. If they were to bring their service to Australia, imagining the potential benefits to our local economy and everyday lives is exciting.

But for now, we can only dream and wait. Maybe one day soon, we’ll see Postmates kangaroo-branded delivery bags hopping down the streets of Sydney and Melbourne. Until then, we’ll keep our fingers crossed and our appetites ready.

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