VideoComposer Revolutionizes Control in Video Synthesis: A Leap Forward by Alibaba and Ant Group Researchers

VideoComposer Revolutionizes Control in Video Synthesis: A Leap Forward by Alibaba and Ant Group Researchers

VideoComposer Revolutionizes Control in Video Synthesis: A Leap Forward by Alibaba and Ant Group Researchers

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The rapid advancements in visual generative models and diffusion-based models have revolutionized the field of video synthesis. Despite the progress, current systems still possess limitations, particularly in providing adequate control over generation. Consequently, the need for refined, controllable video synthesis is paramount.

Challenges in Video Synthesis

Current approaches in video synthesis primarily focus on generating content that appears visually realistic. However, these techniques often lack the ability to grant users explicit control over content generation. In order to create truly persuasive and useful video content, it is imperative to develop comprehensive spatial and temporal controllability within video synthesis.

VideoComposer: A New Approach

Addressing these challenges, researchers from Alibaba Group and Ant Group have developed VideoComposer, a groundbreaking tool that transforms control in video synthesis. VideoComposer dissects a video into textual, spatial, and critical temporal conditions to optimize the control process. A latent diffusion model for video reconstruction further underscores the innovation behind this revolutionary approach.

Key Features of VideoComposer

  1. Video-specific Motion Vector: VideoComposer leverages motion vectors to enable direct control over internal motions. This feature allows users to manipulate movement patterns by specifying the desired direction or trajectory.

  2. Unified Spatiotemporal Coder (STC-encoder): To capture spatiotemporal relations within sequential input, STC-encoder utilizes cross-frame attention mechanisms. As an interface, the STC-encoder enables a unified and effective use of control signals, streamlining the video synthesis process.

Advantages of VideoComposer

Promoting adaptability in various conditions without sacrificing quality, VideoComposer marks a significant leap in video synthesis. By adopting relatively straightforward hand motions, such as arrows indicating trajectory, the tool enables users to manipulate movement patterns with ease. This breakthrough grants users unparalleled control over video content, fostering the creation of customized, realistic videos.

Evaluation and Results

Quantitative and qualitative evidence showcases the effectiveness of VideoComposer in enhancing the control of video synthesis. This versatile tool is poised to have a wide range of real-world applications in industries such as entertainment, advertising, and virtual reality. Moreover, the promising results of the VideoComposer pave the way for future research, focusing on potential improvements and additional features.


VideoComposer represents a pivotal advancement in the realm of video synthesis, as it meshes groundbreaking technology with user-friendly functionality. By granting enhanced control to users, this innovative tool elevates the potential of video content creation. With the backing of the Alibaba and Ant Group, VideoComposer signals a new era in controllable video synthesis, stimulating further exploration, and development in the field.

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