Unlocking Threads: Top Brands Reveal Game-Changing Social Media Strategies for Unprecedented Follower Growth

Unlocking Threads: Top Brands Reveal Game-Changing Social Media Strategies for Unprecedented Follower Growth

Unlocking Threads: Top Brands Reveal Game-Changing Social Media Strategies for Unprecedented Follower Growth

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Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment, a brand that oozes storylines and superheroes, has captured the essence of Threads by creating a distinctive narrative exclusively for the platform rather than repurposing content from other channels. Their behind-the-scenes content, sneak peeks, and witty inter-character interactions provide fans an intimate, exclusive experience, which reinforces their bond with the brand. Through imaginative storytelling, Marvel has proven that engagement on Threads can surpass mere likes or comments and become an immersive journey into the brand’s world.


CNN’s approach, on the other hand, blends timely, top-tier news coverage with the raw, intimate visuals Threads’ users love. With seamlessly integrated videos, infographics, and real-time dispatches, CNN has transformed Threads into a live news ticker, diving deeper into stories than could be accommodated on traditional news platforms. Here, the blend of authoritative reporting and engaging visuals is key, ensuring that CNN’s Threads followers are as well-informed as they are entertained.


For Google, Threads has become a platform to showcase their friendly, approachable side. Google’s conversational tone and frequent call-to-actions make the brand feel more like a helpful friend next door rather than a multinational tech giant. Whether they’re sharing handy tips or discussing new features, Google’s focus on interactivity encourages users to engage and share, creating a community centered around the brand.

Star Wars

Star Wars takes a different approach. The Star Wars universe, revered for its lore and expansive narrative, uses Threads to share trivia, quizzes, and behind-the-scenes insights about the franchise. Coupled with their unique and dramatic tone, they make full use of Threads to create a theater-like experience for their fans.


Then comes TikTok, whose meta-content strategy includes humor and inside references familiar to its user base. TikTok’s smart, self-referential content not only engages its current followers but also attracts prospective users onto its platform, leveraging Threads to sustainably grow in an adaptive digital landscape.

Forever 21

Lastly, Forever 21 uses Threads effectively to connect with its audience. By leveraging the fast-paced and visually driven nature of the platform, they tap into the interests of their followers, creating integrated, lifestyle-focused content that feels relatable and aspirational. They understand that their audience wants more than just product promotion – they seek connection and fellowship with the brand.

Collectively, these brands demonstrate that success on Threads is time-sensitive, requiring a balance between the brand’s voice and the platform’s fluidity. While understanding your audience and crafting relatable content is key, it’s also essential to realize that Threads is not simply another platform for reposting – it is a space for creative, engaging, and exclusive narratives. As these brands have shown, employing a dedicated strategy for Threads can lead to unprecedented follower growth and engagement change the game for digital marketing.

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