Revolutionizing Video Synthesis: Expert Adaptation with Minimal Fine-tuning Unleashes Full Potential of Pretrained Models

Revolutionizing Video Synthesis: Expert Adaptation with Minimal Fine-tuning Unleashes Full Potential of Pretrained Models

Revolutionizing Video Synthesis: Expert Adaptation with Minimal Fine-tuning Unleashes Full Potential of Pretrained Models

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The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning have enabled the development of large pretrained models that possess exceptional capacity to perform complex tasks. However, fine-tuning these models to cater to specific applications has its own set of challenges. Enter the Video Adapter, a tool designed to generate task-specific tiny video models that retains the knowledge and fidelity of their larger counterparts. These adapter-based models have proven beneficial in a wide range of applications across various domains.

Video Adapter Overview

The evolution of the Video Adapter technology is impressive. It effectively combines the scores of a pretrained text-to-video model with domain-specific tiny models. The resulting product maintains an excellent balance of the knowledge and fidelity embedded within the original pretrained video model, while demonstrating a renewed adaptability to both human and robotic data. This approach allows the video adapter to achieve higher Fréchet Video Distance (FVD), Fréchet Inception Distance (FID), and Inception Scores.

Experiments with Video Adapter

Researchers have successfully implemented the Video Adapter on the Ego4D dataset, which captures human-centric first-person videos, and on the robotic BRIDGE dataset. The resulting video generation quality has noticeably improved compared to the original large pretrained models. Furthermore, the Video Adapter has showcased an incredible ability to produce genre-specific videos, such as science fiction and animation, adding a creative edge to its functionality.

Applications of Video Adapter

The potential applications of the Video Adapter technology extend far and wide. The animation and anime production industries stand to benefit significantly from this innovative tool, as the quality of synthesized videos could be significantly enhanced. Additionally, bridging the simulation-reality gap in robotics through domain randomization can help improve training and functional capabilities. The Video Adapter also allows for data augmentation of real robotic videos through personalized stylization, thereby adding greater value in facilitating robust machine learning algorithms and bolstering robotic performance.


The development and implementation of the Video Adapter opens up an exciting new frontier in the realm of video synthesis. By allowing for effective video synthesis with minimal fine-tuning, researchers and developers can now harness the full potential of large pretrained models. With the broad range of applications in animation, robotics, and beyond, the Video Adapter is poised to revolutionize video synthesis and propel industries into the next era of visual innovation.

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