Revolutionizing Retail: Crafting High-Quality Clothing Datasets with FiftyOne & Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth

Revolutionizing Retail: Crafting High-Quality Clothing Datasets with FiftyOne & Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth

Revolutionizing Retail: Crafting High-Quality Clothing Datasets with FiftyOne & Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth

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Building High-Quality Labeled Datasets for Retail Industry

Developing a high-quality dataset is vital for any retail company seeking to enhance customer experience, particularly with the use of a mobile app offering personalized clothing recommendations. With the goal of repurposing an existing dataset through data cleaning, preprocessing, and pre-labeling, this article will provide a comprehensive guide on effectively harnessing the Fashion200K dataset. Utilizing the power of FiftyOne, an open-source toolkit by Voxel51, and Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth, a managed data labeling service, a retail-focused, superior-quality dataset can be built with ease.

Solution Overview

Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth offers a solution for developing high-quality datasets through its managed data labeling service. By leveraging Ground Truth, organizations can create accurate and reliable machine learning models. On the other hand, FiftyOne by Voxel51 is a versatile, open-source toolkit that facilitates the curation, visualization, and evaluation of computer vision datasets, bolstering the process even further.

Process Steps

  1. Visualize the dataset in FiftyOne

Before diving into preprocessing or data cleaning, the first crucial step is to visualize and fully comprehend the dataset using FiftyOne. By assessing the structure, quality, and existing labels, it becomes easier to identify potential areas for improvement and optimization.

  1. Clean the dataset with filtering and image deduplication in FiftyOne

A clean dataset is fundamental for training high-performing models. Using FiftyOne’s filtering and image deduplication capabilities, redundant and irrelevant data can be seamlessly removed. This results in a refined, focused dataset that positively impacts the outcomes of any machine learning endeavor.

  1. Pre-label the cleaned data with zero-shot classification in FiftyOne

To streamline the labeling process, pre-labeling the data using zero-shot classification in FiftyOne is highly recommended. This ensures the generation of an initial set of accurate labels that serve as a solid foundation for subsequent labeling efforts.

  1. Label the smaller curated dataset with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth

Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth steps in to perform the critical task of accurately and reliably labeling the dataset. By using Ground Truth, organizations can create tailored, high-quality datasets that contribute to superior machine learning models and customer experiences.

  1. Inject labeled results from Ground Truth into FiftyOne and review labeled results in FiftyOne

Lastly, it’s imperative to review the labeled results to verify their quality and reliability. By injecting the labeled data from Ground Truth back into FiftyOne, a thorough evaluation can be conducted to ensure dataset integrity and consistency.

Use Case Overview

Consider a retail company aiming to build a mobile app that delivers personalized clothing recommendations. To achieve this, they must accurately identify various articles of clothing for customers based on their preferences. Leveraging an existing dataset such as Fashion200K saves time and resources while still yielding effective results.


FiftyOne and Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth offer unparalleled advantages when building high-quality labeled datasets for the retail industry. By following the steps outlined above, retail companies can harness the power of these tools to provide customers with personalized clothing recommendations through mobile apps. Furthermore, the applications of these tools extend beyond the retail industry, potential in a wide range of industries and use cases.

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