Revolutionizing Patent Searches: AWS and Patsnap Unleash Autocomplete Feature for Enhanced User Experience

Revolutionizing Patent Searches: AWS and Patsnap Unleash Autocomplete Feature for Enhanced User Experience

Revolutionizing Patent Searches: AWS and Patsnap Unleash Autocomplete Feature for Enhanced User Experience

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Patent searches have taken a revolutionary leap forward with the unveiling of a new autocomplete feature, the fruit of a powerful collaboration between the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center and patent solutions provider Patsnap.

The autocomplete feature, familiar to many from the internet search engines, lends itself remarkably well to the patent search sphere. A boon to search efficiency, autocomplete offers instantaneous suggestions to users as they type in their query, thereby decreasing the time spent in formulating proper search expressions and significantly enhancing the user experience.

Patent searches, inherently different from regular web searches, call for an agonizing precision in keywords. An autocomplete feature tuned to understand the complexities of patent terminologies has been long-awaited, for it greatly simplifies the patent exploration process.

Patsnap, a global leader in innovation intelligence, has been leveraging advanced technologies to render the patent search and analysis a breezy affair. With its eyes set on ensuring an intuitive user experience, Patsnap’s collaboration with AWS Generative AI Innovation Center marks an evolutionary step in patent services.

Harnessing the power of machine learning and big data such as past search queries, Patsnap’s new autocomplete feature facilitates a smooth and intelligent search experience for users. The feature helps construct search expressions much more effortlessly, enhancing user stickiness and prompting increased interaction with the platform.

However, building this state-of-the-art feature had its challenges. The prime concern was the inference latency and queries per second of the PyTorch-based GPT-2 model, a result of power limitations.

But AWS Generative AI Innovation Center stepped up to the challenge. The team of scientists made phenomenal strides in optimizing the GPT-2 inference performance, thereby significantly improving model latency and ramping up QPS.

A key player in this significant optimization was NVIDIA TensorRT. It proved highly effective in optimizing latency for real-time search scenarios, a necessity for the autocomplete feature. Moreover, it also succeeded in improving throughput for peak business hour searches, ensuring that the user experience remained unhampered during high-traffic slots.

The collaboration between Patsnap and AWS Generative AI Innovation Center has proved to be a game-changer for the realm of patent searches. The autocomplete feature they’ve brought forth is an exemplary illustration of the immense potential of AI and machine learning in revolutionizing user experiences. It has not only eased the search process for the novices but has also made the patent exploration significantly efficient for the professionals, redefining the standards of user experience in the patent services industry.

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