Revolutionizing Marketing ROI: How Top Companies Unlock the Power of Personalization Software

Revolutionizing Marketing ROI: How Top Companies Unlock the Power of Personalization Software

Revolutionizing Marketing ROI: How Top Companies Unlock the Power of Personalization Software

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How Marketing Personalization Software Can Revolutionize ROI

In the age of data-driven marketing, personalization has emerged as a powerful tool to engage consumers and drive conversions. With 80% of consumers more likely to make a purchase from brands that offer personalized experiences, it’s no wonder that companies are looking to unlock the potential of marketing personalization software. In this article, we’ll explore how some of the top companies have transformed their marketing ROI by leveraging personalization software, and demonstrate the incredible results they’ve achieved.

  1. Domino’s Drops CPA by 65% with Twilio Segment

Faced with the challenge of customer data silos, Domino’s sought to create a unified database that would help them understand and target their customer base more effectively. Alsea, the parent company of Domino’s, turned to the combination of Snowflake, a cloud data platform, and Twilio Segment, a customer data platform to create a comprehensive data lake.

With the assistance of Twilio Segment, Domino’s established personalized customer journeys and hyper-relevant audiences by utilizing the aggregated data. This strategy proved to be a game-changer, resulting in a whopping 65% drop in cost per acquisition (CPA), a 23% increase in conversions for customer acquisition, 16% growth in customer retention, and a 700% surge in return on ad spend (ROAS). Additionally, customer acquisition costs (CAC) decreased by 65%.

  1. Clari Learns How to ‘Wake the Dead’

Initially, Clari relied heavily on the “spray and pray” marketing strategy, which yielded unsatisfactory results. In order to improve, they adopted 6sense Features, an account-based marketing (ABM) orchestration platform that allowed them to target their audience more effectively.

By employing a Wake the Dead account-based strategy, Clari generated highly targeted display ads using 6sense and created Folloze landing pages that resonated with their audience. Their efforts paid off – within just one quarter, Clari generated $1 million in qualified leads, achieved a 79% click-through rate (CTR), and secured eight meetings from targeted accounts.

  1. Appcues Personalizes Home Pages to Drive Conversions

For Appcues, optimizing conversion rates from existing traffic was a priority. To achieve this, the software company turned to UseProof and Clearbit data for website personalization. They identified their customers’ industries and created seven distinct industry segments.

Appcues developed customized home pages for each of these segments, delivering tailored content that resonated with visitors. This highly-targeted personalization strategy boosted user engagement, yielding a 20% increase in time spent on site, a 60% rise in demo bookings, and a stunning 95% growth in signups, all from the same traffic levels.

The success stories of Domino’s, Clari, and Appcues highlight the immense potential of marketing personalization software in driving significant improvements in ROI, conversion rates, and customer engagement. By implementing strategic personalization campaigns, these companies have achieved impressive results and unlocked the true power of modern marketing practices. It is time for businesses to embrace the innovative potential of personalization software, and to join these successful companies in revolutionizing their marketing ROI.

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