Pride Month Spotlight: Castro Labs’ Bent Unites LGBTQ+ Communities with Queer-First Digital Platform

Pride Month Spotlight: Castro Labs’ Bent Unites LGBTQ+ Communities with Queer-First Digital Platform

Pride Month Spotlight: Castro Labs’ Bent Unites LGBTQ+ Communities with Queer-First Digital Platform

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Pride Month Spotlight: Castro Labs’ Bent Unites LGBTQ+ Communities with Queer-First Digital Platform

As Pride Month celebrations across the world are in full swing, it’s important to recognize the innovative achievements of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs who are helping shape the future. One such startup taking the tech world by storm is Castro Labs, the brainchild of CEO Jeff Kanter. Castro Labs has developed Bent, a digital platform designed to unite queer communities in a safe and supportive environment, emphasizing connections beyond dating and hookups.

Jeff Kanter, an industry veteran with impressive stints at Facebook and Instagram, founded Castro Labs with a mission to build an accessible space for the LGBTQ+ community. His motivation to create an online haven was met with enthusiasm by David Ressler (Head of Engineering) and Jeffrey Gerson (Head of Community, Marketing, and Policy), who joined the company to bring this vision to life.

At its core, Bent is a safe space for people to host and join queer communities. What sets it apart is the platform’s queer-first policies, ensuring that LGBTQ+ individuals feel protected, supported, and respected. Bent encourages users to build friendships, explore shared interests, and cultivate community-driven spaces. The inspiration behind the platform lies in Kanter’s own experiences and the lack of spaces he found catering specifically to the queer community. To explore this inclusive landscape created by Castro Labs, visit the Bent platform.

Already, Bent has made an impact with its users through successful communities such as Club Quarantine, which has established itself as a go-to spot for virtual queer events. Another standout is Queer Surf, a group dedicated to LGBTQ+ surfers that recently organized a beach meet-up through the platform. These communities reflect the passion and motivation behind Bent and its users.

Castro Labs’ company culture is a unique mix of queer and tech culture. By fostering an environment that prioritizes diverse perspectives, they are able to translate those values into the Bent platform. The company proudly sponsored a recruitment conference for queer individuals, resulting in successful hires that further strengthen their team dynamic.

The impact Bent and Castro Labs have had on the LGBTQ+ community is remarkable, offering a much-needed space for connection and empowerment. With its strong team of founders and commitment to queer-first policies, this startup has the potential to make a lasting difference. So, why not explore the Bent platform, join a community that resonates with you, and support the incredible work that Castro Labs is doing to connect LGBTQ+ individuals around the world?

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