Measuring Public Sentiment: How Consumers Perceive Generative AI’s Disruption of the Marketing Landscape

Measuring Public Sentiment: How Consumers Perceive Generative AI’s Disruption of the Marketing Landscape

Measuring Public Sentiment: How Consumers Perceive Generative AI’s Disruption of the Marketing Landscape

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As the role of generative artificial intelligence (genAI) broadens and deepens, so does public sentiment towards its implementation in society, particularly in the marketing sector. A recent Gartner study, conducted in early spring 2023, provides a wealth of insights into consumers’ attitudes towards genAI in marketing, offering a panoramic view of its transformative impact across industries.

According to Gartner’s survey, consumers exhibit a mixed level of comfort with genAI – acknowledging the boon it presents in enhancing their experiences, but also expressing concerns about privacy, trust, and social implications. Specifically, 57% of respondents expressed a relative comfort level with the use of genAI in marketing, while 43% still harbored reservations.

What’s the reason behind this varied perspective? And why should marketers care?

The answer lies in the exponential role of genAI in shaping customer experiences, influencing purchasing decisions, and its pivotal role in building (or breaking) the trust relationship between consumers and brands. As consumers become more technological savvy, they also develop more sophisticated ethical, environmental, and privacy standards. Neglecting consumer sentiment regarding the use of AI in marketing could lead to alienation of the audience, diminishing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Yet, on a societal scale, the picture looks significantly different. When asked about genAI’s role in society as a whole, the study found a noticeable discrepancy – 67% of participants expressed comfort, suggesting that consumers might be more accepting of genAI when confronted with its wider benefits beyond marketing.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the study is the insight it provides into the perception of genAI across consumer-facing industries. In the retail sector, for instance, acceptance of genAI is notably higher – clocking in at 73%. This suggests that perceptions of genAI might be more favorable where its deployment is linked to improving practical day-to-day consumer experiences.

Gartner’s study also brought to light the continuing prevalence of genAI in marketing, regardless of consumer opinion. A whopping 82% of marketers have reported using genAI to boost their targeting and segmentation efforts, and nearly 56% anticipate further utilizing AI in their marketing strategies in the coming years.

The study found that genAI applications in marketing were most prominent in areas of data analysis, optimizing marketing operations (27%), branding (23%), and public relations (18%). These statistics suggest that marketers are utilizing genAI as a powerful tool to exclusively tailor messaging, drive customer engagement, and build authentic relationships with consumers.

Therefore, recognizing consumer sentiment on genAI, and actively addressing their concerns, is of utmost importance. It’s crucial that organizations across the sector continue to approach genAI with respect to its potential societal impact.

As we peer into the future of genAI in marketing, we invite our readers to join the conversation. What are your thoughts on generative AI’s role in marketing? Do you deem it a novelty or necessity for modern marketing practices?

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