Mastering Text Embeddings in BigQuery: Your Essential Guide to Advanced Semantic Analysis

Mastering Text Embeddings in BigQuery: Your Essential Guide to Advanced Semantic Analysis

Mastering Text Embeddings in BigQuery: Your Essential Guide to Advanced Semantic Analysis

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In the echoing halls of data-driven decision making, text embeddings have established themselves as a crucial cornerstone. They play a vital role in semantic search, recommendations, text clustering, sentiment analysis, and named entity extraction scenarios. In a bold stride forward, BigQuery now allows users to generate four different types of text embeddings directly from BigQuery SQL.

Let’s delve into this ground-breaking capability and explore each type of text embedding.

Textembedding-Gecko for Generative AI Embedding

This is ideal for generating embeddings backed by cutting-edge AI, pulling the semantic essence from the minutia of data.


It brings something to the table for tasks requiring context or multi-language support, offering a deeper understanding of natural language intricacies.


This is your go-to for straightforward NLP tasks such as text classification and sentiment analysis, count on NNLM to get the job done.


When grappling with a large corpus of data and complex relationships between words, SWIVEL provides optimal embedding generation.

The new BigQuery feature, array<numeric>, now allows the embeddings generated by these methods to be used by any ML model. This game-changing addition offers a significant advantage for analysis, which depends on proximity and distance within the vector space.

Generating your first embedding is a breeze with the textembedding-gecko PaLM API and the newly added function, ML.GENERATETEXTEMBEDDING. Start by registering the textembedding-gecko model as a remote model. Then, use the ML.GENERATETEXTEMBEDDING function to generate embeddings. It’s that simple!

Of course, alternatives for generating text embeddings exist with scaled-down models like BERT, NNLM, and SWIVEL. These models offer reduced encoding capacity, but their scalability to handle larger data corpora shines through.

Translating these capabilities into applications in BigQuery ML provides numerous opportunities. Take sentiment analysis as an example. You could predict the sentiment of an IMDB review using embeddings generated from the NNLM model along with the original data. The possibilities are truly endless.

We hope this exploration of text embeddings in BigQuery has sparked your curiosity. Dive in, experiment, and tap into more advanced use cases that this technology offers. Further reading and resources will deepen your understanding and mastering of BigQuery.

As you venture into your experiments with text embeddings in BigQuery, remember these buzzwords: BERT, NNLM, SWIVEL, ML model, generative AI embedding, sentiment analysis, text embeddings. By incorporating these into your work, you’re setting your journey up for success.

Whether you’re a developer, an ML enthusiast, a veteran data scientist, or someone with previous experience in BigQuery and machine learning, you clearly understand the power of big data and the insights it can provide. Now, go ahead and capitalize on the latest advancements, and unlock a realm of potential with text embeddings in BigQuery. Let the exploration begin!

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