Mastering Divestitures in Google Cloud: A Comprehensive Guide to Seamless Transitions

Mastering Divestitures in Google Cloud: A Comprehensive Guide to Seamless Transitions

Mastering Divestitures in Google Cloud: A Comprehensive Guide to Seamless Transitions

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Mastering Divestitures in Google Cloud: A Comprehensive Guide to Seamless Transitions


Divestitures play a crucial role in the corporate landscape, enabling organizations to divest non-core business units, streamline operations, and unlock value. However, the process of divesting assets and creating new entities involves several complexities, which warrant careful handling of technology aspects. In the context of Google Cloud, adopting best practices can help ensure a smooth and efficient divestiture, mitigating potential disruptions to ongoing operations.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through a hypothetical scenario involving RemainCo, an entity using Google Cloud that is divesting a unit to form a new company, NewCo. Upon divestiture, NewCo will operate independently but remain a subsidiary of RemainCo. To help you navigate this intricate process, we’ll outline key best practices for managing divestitures in Google Cloud.

1. Identifying the Google Cloud Assets to be Divested

Begin by cataloging the assets involved in the divestiture, a process that includes reviewing folders, projects, and resources. To maintain control and simplify the transition, isolate divested assets in separate folders or projects. In doing so, remain vigilant of dependencies among projects and resources, such as VPC peering, Shared VPCs, Interconnects, Custom IAM roles, and VPC service controls. Enlisting assistance from both your Google Cloud account team and the Google Cloud Consulting team can help ensure a seamless asset-transfer process.

2. Cloud Identity/Domain/Workspace Considerations

Create a new domain for NewCo and map it to a newly created Google Cloud Organizational Node. To inform the transition process, review IAM permissions on divested assets to identify key users and service accounts. Afterward, set up new cloud identities for transitioning users under the NewCo domain, followed by Google Workspace for email, calendar, and other productivity apps.

3. Migrating and Restructuring Workloads and Projects

Next, transfer the divested resources to NewCo’s Google Cloud Org Node, ensuring that workloads remain unaffected during the migration process. Leverage migration tools like Velostrata, Migrate for Compute Engine, and customized solutions as needed to expedite this process and prevent interruptions.

4. Updating Cross-Organization Processes

As part of the divestiture, reassess and adjust internal processes that involve both RemainCo and NewCo. Changes to IAM policies, VPC networking, and interconnects should be approached with caution in order to avoid unintended consequences.

5. Addressing Billing Implications and Contractual Details

For accurate cost tracking and budgeting, establish separate billing accounts for RemainCo and NewCo. Additionally, review and update contracts as necessary, including enterprise agreements, support agreements, and resource commitments.

6. Ensuring Continuous Governance and Compliance

Maintain security and compliance for both organizations by closely monitoring operations and implementing Google Cloud security best practices. Ensure that access controls are appropriately configured to safeguard sensitive information.

7. Managing Change and Communication

Finally, effective communication and stakeholder engagement are critical throughout the divestiture process. Ensure that IT and business teams are informed of the changes and fully understand their new responsibilities.

In conclusion, divestitures in Google Cloud demand a highly disciplined and meticulously executed approach, taking into account an array of factors, including assets, identities, workloads, processes, billing, compliance, and communication. By emphasizing careful planning, collaboration, and strategic communication, companies can maintain business continuity while successfully navigating the complex waters of divestitures in Google Cloud.

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