Martech Fueling Hollywood’s Resolution: Upwave CEO Chris Kelly’s Economic Strategy to Resolve Writers’ Strike

Martech Fueling Hollywood’s Resolution: Upwave CEO Chris Kelly’s Economic Strategy to Resolve Writers’ Strike

Martech Fueling Hollywood’s Resolution: Upwave CEO Chris Kelly’s Economic Strategy to Resolve Writers’ Strike

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The Hollywood writers and actors strike, a long-standing contentious issue, have loomed over Tinseltown. And among the current range of proposed solutions, a new player has entered the field – martech. Admirers of macro solutions may be privy to Chris Kelly’s viewpoint, CEO of Upwave, who believes in the possibility of martech as a potential gamechanger in this landscape.

Chris Kelly carries the torch for martech, arguing its capacity for enhanced ad measurement could be the golden key that unlocks the door to the conflicted realm of Hollywood. Specifically, he proposes the advantages held by advertising-based video-on-demand (AVODs) and subscription video-on-demand (SVODs) that could charm brands into opening their coffers wider. The result? An increase in revenue, soothing the disgruntled writers and actors, eventually dissolving the longest strike in Hollywood history.

While Kelly’s proposition stems from rationality, money—around which this strike primarily revolves—is notorious for following its own whimsical patterns rather than conforming to reason.

In our recent interview, Kelly underscores the strike as an economic issue, blaming the unknown territory of streaming economics as the trigger. He shares illuminating insights, stating that AVODs often generate more average revenue per user compared to other platforms. With this fact, he appeals to studios looking for better streaming economics, lobbying for their support to raise the average revenue per user on the advertising-supported side. Yet this strategy is not without pitfalls, it comes with a demand for more brands to invest in Connected TV (CTV) and streaming apps.

Brands, on the other hand, demand something else – evidence. They are not satisfied with mere views and attention. Rather, they are keener on ‘brand outcomes’, a term encompassing tangible results such as sales uplift, brand recall, and consumer sentiment achieved through their advertising efforts on these platforms. With adequate proofs of successful brand outcomes, brands might be more willing to invest, which could pave the way for a surge in AVOD revenue, strengthen streaming economics, and potentially defuse the stand-off that triggers the strike.

Kelly leads the march towards a solution by suggesting a shift in focus. He implores industry players to move away from squabbling about “dividing the pie,” instead aiming their sights on “enlarging the pie.” By channelizing their efforts to increase the overall revenue, instead of simply fighting over who gets more, they can create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

In summary, the inputs from Chris Kelly, represent a fresh take on the long-lasting Hollywood writers’ strike. Leveraging the power of martech, particularly in enhancing ad measurements for AVODs and SVODs, appears to hold the potential of a robust solution not only for the current crisis but also for future profits. It’s time to move the battle to the boardroom, harness digital advancement, and let the magic of storytelling continue unstopped in the mecca of global entertainment – Hollywood.

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