ICLR 2023: Google Dazzles as Diamond Sponsor, Showcasing 100+ Research Papers and Shaping the Future of Deep Learning

ICLR 2023: Google Dazzles as Diamond Sponsor, Showcasing 100+ Research Papers and Shaping the Future of Deep Learning

ICLR 2023: Google Dazzles as Diamond Sponsor, Showcasing 100+ Research Papers and Shaping the Future of Deep Learning

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Google’s Participation and Contributions at ICLR 2023

The Eleventh International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2023): Google’s Participation and Contributions

The ICLR 2023, a premier conference on deep learning, recently commenced in Kigali, Rwanda, with Google taking on the role of Diamond Sponsor. This hybrid event has attracted the world’s brightest minds in the field of artificial intelligence, amongst which over 100 research papers are being presented by Google researchers. Google’s active involvement in ICLR 2023 spans multiple key roles and participation in various aspects of the conference, underlining their dedication to shaping the future of deep learning.

Google’s Role in ICLR 2023 Board and Organizing Committee

Google’s contribution to the conference is evident with their significant presence in the ICLR 2023 Board and Organizing Committee. Amongst the Board Members is Tara Sainath. Senior Program Chairs include Been Kim, Workshop Chairs Aisha Walcott-Bryant, and Rose Yu. Rosanne Liu is also heading the important position of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair.

Outstanding Paper Awards for Google Researchers

Two papers from Google researchers have notably received Outstanding Paper awards. The first, titled “Emergence of Maps in the Memories of Blind Navigation Agents,” was authored by Erik Wijmans, Manolis Savva, Irfan Essa, Stefan Lee, Ari S. Morcos, and Dhruv Batra. The second, “DreamFusion: Text-to-3D Using 2D Diffusion,” was penned by Ben Poole, Ajay Jain, Jonathan T. Barron, and Ben Mildenhall.

Keynote Speaker from Google

Jascha Sohl-Dickstein takes center stage as a keynote speaker from Google, discussing “Learned Optimizers: Why They’re the Future, Why They’re Hard, and What They Can Do Now.” His talk delves into the potential and challenges of learned optimizers in deep learning applications.

Workshops Involving Google Researchers

Google researchers also play a crucial role in an array of exciting workshops at ICLR 2023, including:

  • Kaggle@ICLR 2023: ML Solutions in Africa, focused on solving real-world African problems using machine learning
  • Reincarnating Reinforcement Learning, exploring innovative approaches to RL
  • Trustworthy and Reliable Large-Scale Machine Learning Models, examining the challenges and opportunities in implementing large-scale ML models
  • Physics for Machine Learning, studying the intersection of these two disciplines
  • AI for Agent-Based Modelling Community, discussing the potential of AI-powered solutions in agent-based modeling
  • Mathematical and Empirical Understanding of Foundation Models, seeking a comprehensive outlook on foundational models in AI and related fields

Topics Covered by Google Researchers in ICLR 2023

The range of topics covered by Google researchers in ICLR 2023 is expansive, with contributions in the areas of representation and reinforcement learning, theory and optimization, social impact, safety and privacy, and applications spanning from generative AI to speech and robotics.

For those attending ICLR 2023, be sure to visit the Google booth to gain more insight into the groundbreaking work being undertaken by their researchers. Google’s commitment to advancing the fields of deep learning and artificial intelligence is evident through their significant contributions at ICLR 2023, which spotlight their innovative endeavors in learning representations and AI research. With a remarkable lineup of presentations, workshops, and keynotes, this promises to be a conference that will drive the future of AI and deep learning.

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