Google’s September 2023 Update: Keyword Classifiers, Hosted Third-Party Content & AI Writings

Google’s September 2023 Update: Keyword Classifiers, Hosted Third-Party Content & AI Writings

Google’s September 2023 Update: Keyword Classifiers, Hosted Third-Party Content & AI Writings

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As the next wave of search engine optimization strategies approaches with the September 2023 Google Helpful Content Update, all eyes within the SEO community are set on the potential impacts and transformations of the digital ranking landscape. Key updates include the introduction of an improved classifier, newly regulations regarding hosted third-party content, and a clear stand on AI-produced content. Let’s unpack each change and understand what to expect.

An Improved Classifier Steers Towards Organic Strategies

With the implementation of an “Improved Classifier,” Google aims to refine search query results even more accurately. This paradigm shift in SEO could redefine future ranking strategies. Brands will have to show adeptness not only in understanding the core principles of SEO but also in predicting the subtleties driven by the Improved Classifier. Competing in this advanced landscape involves creating content that matches search intent more accurately, rather than structuring content around traditional keyword strategy.

Guidelines on Hosted Third-Party Content

Google’s new section devoted to hosted third-party content raises questions about fair search ranking practice. The search giant is likely looking to tighten guidelines around how companies host content on other sites. This could be in response to some sites’ strategies of “renting out” their subdomains or subfolders to third parties. As per Google’s indications, businesses would do well to adhere to these guidelines and maintain their focus on hosting high-quality, original content.

Reflecting on Google’s historical advice, the company has always advocated for quality over quantity. It discourages the sharing of duplicate content or hosting of third-party content which could lead to diluted search results.

Gary Illyes Provides Clarifications

Google’s Gary Illyes from the search team shed light on the added section, heightening concerns around the subfolders or subdomains rental practices. According to Illyes, Google considers this practice as something that potentially muddies the search environment and thus, websites could face repercussions in search rankings.

AI-Produced Content Under Scrutiny

Another prominent shift with this update is Google’s stand on AI-produced content. The recent removal of certain words from its guidelines indicates an emphasis on human-authored content. Given the increasing integration of AI in content creation, this move suggests that Google is monitoring AI-produced content closely, creating a balance between human creativity and machine accuracy.

This direction could shape future trends in SEO and content marketing. Firms need to be mindful of the balance between automation and human involvement in content creation to stay within Google’s framework.

The New SEO Landscape

In reflection, these new updates reflect Google’s commitment to ensure search results display quality, relevancy, and authenticity, aiming for an improved user experience. Businesses need to adapt their SEO strategies accordingly, moving away from deprecated practices and embracing Google’s focus on data integrity, user experience, and quality content.

Staying ahead in the evolving SEO landscape requires marketers to prioritize high-quality and relevant content over search engine gaming techniques. The September 2023 Google Helpful Content Update isn’t just a refresh; it’s an evolution, a clear direction toward a more user-centric and fair SEO environment.

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