Battle of the Behemoths: Unraveling the Impact of Google’s March Vs August 2023 Core Updates on Search Rankings

Battle of the Behemoths: Unraveling the Impact of Google’s March Vs August 2023 Core Updates on Search Rankings

Battle of the Behemoths: Unraveling the Impact of Google’s March Vs August 2023 Core Updates on Search Rankings

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Google, the internet giant, is well-known for its periodic fluctuations that keep the digital world on its toes. This article will delve into the intricacies of Google’s August 2023 Core Update and the preceding update rolled out in March 2023, focusing on the resultant volatility in search rankings across diverse industries.

The Google August 2023 Core Update kicked off on August 15th and reached its conclusion within a week, following the pattern of the March update, which began on March 3rd and saw a similar timeline. Both left behind traces of profound changes in search engine rankings, and this article aims to examine those in minute detail.

Prominent SEO analytics company Semrush has played a pivotal role by providing valuable data for understanding the impact of these two broad core updates. Based on its Rank Forces index, Semrush gauges the volatility of Google’s search results and highlights the major shifts in rankings. A glance at the data reveals distinctive peaks during the March and August updates, reflecting a spike in ranking instability.

The peak volatility comparison is an enlightening indicator of the scope of transformation ushered in by the two updates. It reveals that several sectors experienced greater disturbance during the August update than in March, highlighting the continuously evolving landscape of Google’s algorithm. However, defining the exact impact of core updates remains challenging since volatility exists even between these updates.

Mordy Obertein of Semrush offers insightful commentary on these trends. According to him, a marked increase in rank volatility within periods preceding and following the core updates validates the significant impact these updates have on rankings.

The overall changes by vertical further accentuate this point. The comprehensive data provided by Semrush exhibits a sector-wise shift in ranking positions, marking the enduring effect of the core updates on specific verticals. This includes drastic alterations for some, while others showed marginal to no changes.

Moreover, there were considerable variations in the positions of URLs that ranked high following the updates as compared to their positions before. This implies that while some sites benefited from the core updates, others took a hit.

RankRanger has also made noteworthy contributions to the understanding of Google’s core updates. Their in-depth analysis of the ranking dynamics provides a more rounded perspective of the circumstances surrounding these updates.

In conclusion, Google’s March and August 2023 Core Updates have undoubtedly stirred the pot and sent tremors throughout the search engine ranking landscape, affecting different verticals differently. The valuable insights and findings offered by Semrush and RankRanger enable us to unravel the impact of these updates and strategize effectively to keep our rankings unscathed.

Do you have personal experiences with these updates? Share your insights in the comments section below. Your experiences could enlighten others on approaching these core updates and help us all play the intricate game of Google rankings more effectively.

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