AI Revolutionizing Corporate Communications: Insights from City of Gilroy’s Rachelle Bedell

AI Revolutionizing Corporate Communications: Insights from City of Gilroy’s Rachelle Bedell

AI Revolutionizing Corporate Communications: Insights from City of Gilroy’s Rachelle Bedell

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AI Revolutionizing Corporate Communications: Insights from City of Gilroy’s Rachelle Bedell

The remarkable advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) continue to demonstrate vast potential in various industries. One area that stands to benefit significantly from this technological revolution is corporate communications. At the forefront of this movement is Rachelle Bedell, Communications and Engagement Manager for the City of Gilroy, California. In this article, we will explore the benefits, drawbacks, and practical applications of AI in communications, as well as insights from Bedell on effectively integrating AI into a corporate communications team.

Benefits and Drawbacks of AI in Communications

The use of AI in communications has the potential to significantly increase team productivity by automating and streamlining various aspects of the process. As Rachelle Bedell puts it, “Not only does it make us more efficient, it makes us go further.” However, it is crucial to strike a balance between embracing AI’s benefits and maintaining the unique human perspective that characterizes effective and engaging communication.

Three Practical Corporate Communications Applications for AI

  1. Streamline content ideation and creation:
  • AI-powered tools like ChatGPT have transformed the way we approach content creation, offering the ability to generate ideas and draft content quickly. While AI-generated content serves as a valuable starting point, it is essential to customize the material for a personal touch and consistent brand image. For Rachelle Bedell, AI has proven beneficial for rewrites and sparking creativity.
  1. Personalize audience engagement:
  • AI empowers communications teams to target specific audiences by analyzing data and tailoring messaging accordingly. Crucial to this process is human oversight to ensure the accuracy and relevance of AI-generated content. By blending AI’s capabilities with human input, corporate communications can benefit from enriched insights and greater personalization.
  1. Monitor and analyze brand reputation:
  • AI helps communications teams track online brand presence by performing tasks such as sentiment analysis and social listening more efficiently than humans. That being said, human judgment is vital when interpreting the results and insights generated by AI to make informed decisions about communications strategies.

Preparing Your Team for AI Integration

  1. Training and education:
  • It is crucial for communications professionals to stay informed on AI developments in their field. To do so, consider taking online courses, attending conferences, or participating in workshops to expand your knowledge and stay ahead of the AI curve.
  1. Encourage experimentation:
  • Promote a culture of innovation within your team by experimenting with different AI tools and assessing their effectiveness. As Rachelle Bedell suggests, test different tools and implement the ones that work best for your specific needs.
  1. Establish ethical guidelines:
  • Ethical considerations must not be overlooked when using AI in communications. Develop a framework and guidelines for using AI in your team’s projects to ensure that your work respects privacy, accuracy, and transparency.

As communications professionals, it is our responsibility to explore and harness this potential, embracing the opportunities that AI can offer while maintaining our unique human touch.

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