Onboarding Questionnaire

Hey hey 👋 Happy Sunday! We understand that it can be difficult to provide us with detailed information about your business and the direction you're looking to take it in over a phone call, or even in a face-to-face meeting. That's why we've created this questionnaire. Your answers will provide a detailed picture of your business. Where your business is, where it has been and where you are looking to go next. By taking the time to answer each question, you will help us better understand your business. The questionnaire should take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Some answers may require you to look up the information. If any questions don't apply, feel free to skip them - we'll aim to fill in the blanks as we work together.

Company Overview

Unique Value Proposition


Services, Products & Delivery

Customer Pain Points

Target Demographics

Customer Journey

Sales Processes

Key Staff and Details

Brand Identity

SWOT Analysis

Your Competitors


Current/Previous Marketing Strategy

Marketing Budget and Resource Allocation


Domain Names & Email

Social Media

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Paid Advertising

Analytics & Reporting

Marketing Technology and Tools

External Partnerships and Collaborations