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Are you running a small business? Is your business based in Brisbane? Are you selling goods and services in a brick and mortar store, trying to move your sales online, or just want to sell as much as you can, in any medium available?

Whether you’re after regional, national, or international attention for your business, CJ&CO digital marketing agency can help you grow your small or medium business, ramp up revenue, and increase profits.

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Expanding your advertising online is just about the smartest thing you can do in 2021.

The right marketing company can help deliver a digital marketing strategy that gets you found on Google’s search engine, invites the potential customer or client to your new website, or sets up a marketing campaign for lead generation and local SEO for your area.

Today, your branding will for the most part be seen only through a carefully crafted marketing solution. Your target audience is not looking at newspaper ads. Billboards are expensive, and if you have money to spend on prime time TV advertising – you don’t want to waste it there. Not when you can invest in razor targeted marketing to specific consumers in your niche.

Today’s digital marketing solutions aren't about making clever ads and delivering them to anyone and everyone.

From our own daily experiences, we’ll know that the personal touch – ads that are designed for our lifestyles, expresses our interests, and almost seem like they were made especially for us – will impact our desire to have and desire to buy, much more strongly.
Want to target coffee drinkers amongst cafe hoppers in North Lakes?

Are your services meant for property investors and developers in Highgate Hill and Ascot?

Perhaps your business is frequented by the residents and commuters of Keperra, and you have the manpower to be able to handle just a 50% uptick in sales – not too much, not too little.

It’s all achievable when you represent yourself correctly, do your marketing right and all of it connects.

Investing in a marketing agency that knows what they’re doing is the first step.
The correct online marketers know that there is a never-ending pool of customers right at your fingertips. They’ll know if your customers are Instagram users, what makes them want to click on your Facebook ad, what they search for on Google, and how to ensure the money you put towards this investment starts paying for itself – as soon as possible.

The possibilities are endless. Imagine if you could get yourself in front of all 2.28 million pairs of eyes in Brisbane. With that many viewers in just one Australian city, it’s all a numbers game. If your bread and butter depends on those local customers from Queensland’s capital, even locking in 0.1% of these Brisbanites a month would bring you an extra 2280 sales to start.

Not too shabby!

Digital marketing is simply the fastest, most effective, and quite frankly – the No.1 way to promote your brand, and get your goods and services seen and purchased. up.

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Person holding phone with Google Ads logo

Google Ads

You work hard to grow your business. But there’s one problem that keeps you up at night…

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Facebook ad on phone

Facebook Ads

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Instagram Ads Video Shoot

Instagram Ads

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YouTube Ad being edited on computer

YouTube Ads

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Most small business owners don’t have the time or expertise to create their own online store. They need help from someone who can build a powerful, professional and high-converting ecommerce site – one that’s optimised for sales and out-ranking the competition online.

I build high-converting stores and online strategies for businesses – taking businesses from zero to 6-figures and others from 5-figures to 7-figures.

I work with you every step of the way to make sure your new website is everything you want and most importantly – need it to be, including design, functionality, SEO, pricing and more. Let me handle all the technical stuff so you can focus on growing your business!

Bricks and mortar
Website design and development

Website design geared towards high-conversions

It all starts with a professional looking website that’s intuitive to use. Your website design needs to convey the idea that your business is a system that works well – and your customers won’t fall between the cracks.

If they’ve ordered – they want to know that it’s on the way.

If they have questions – they need to feel secure in your customer service.

The fact is, you wouldn’t buy something from a site that was cobbled together by free site builders like Wix or Weebly’s basic versions. You’d be right in guessing that your potential customers wouldn’t be either! Web design is important!

If you don’t have a website right now, growing your business requires one.

Sure, you can make some good money through publicizing your brand, goods, or services on Instagram or Facebook. You can even go global on auction sites and marketplaces like Ebay Australia and Amazon. But let’s take a moment to think about the 15-25% fees you have to pay for the privilege. The risk that you can be shut down out of the blue without explanation. And all the inflexibility surrounding what payment providers you can and can’t use.

Not having your own website means not having any control over your business’ own online presence.
Having a website means you’ll always have a back-up plan in case anything goes wrong on third-party marketplaces.

If you do have a website, (and you’re not a digital marketer), chances are there are some tips, tricks, and hacks you’re not using yet that can really ramp up clicks, leads, and conversions immediately.

Outdoor Furniture Marketing

Google Ads Management

If advertising isn’t your thing – don’t fret because it shouldn’t have to be. As a business owner, your thoughts should be focused on running your business, creating products, and servicing your customers.
Despite this, you simply can’t afford to ignore Google advertising.

While they’re time consuming to manage and writing a google ad requires experience in high-converting copywriting to create, Google advertisements will certainly get your business seen by the right audience in Brisbane and beyond.

I’ll design, manage, and run your ads while reporting their effectiveness back to you, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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Facebook Ads Management

Facebook is amazing. As overused as it is, I’m not throwing that word around lightly.
If you need to razor target your audience – down to the kind of music they listen to or fashion style they prefer, Facebook advertising is the way to go.

The sheer amount of information that is uploaded onto Facebook all day returns valuable data that allows your brand and products to be seen by the exact people you want them seen by.

Does your organic boutique grocer’s offer free deliveries within East Brisbane? Is your salon running lunchtime hair washes with blow-dries, and you want every medium and long-haired person working in Brisbane CBT to know it?

Facebook ads give you the ability to find these individuals en masse, and spread the word to them.
Sure, they’re expensive to run and hyper-easy to get wrong. Delegate Facebook Ads management to a professional digital marketer so your money is an investment that returns profits 100-fold, rather than an expense.

australian marketing agency

Instagram Marketing

You know what’s smart? Being on a social media platform that everyone else is on!

Instagram has become a powerful app that can promote your brand all over Brisbane, Queensland, and anywhere you like in Australia or all over the world. If your customer base are the Zoomer and Millennial generations, then immaculately photographed snapshots, well-researched hashtags, and snappy captions will be the key to your sales and revenue increase.

When you have a full-stack marketer behind you, all your IG advertising from the photography, copywriting, to generating organic traffic, and managing Instagram’s paid ads campaigns will get taken care of (stress-free on your end!).

YouTube Marketing

Video marketing only works when it’s at a production and engagement level high enough to capture viewer attention within the first 3 seconds.

Enter the goldfish attention spans of the 2020s. The best video editors cater to what your audience wants to see, not what makes you feel good.

Marketing through YouTube videos is something I do to present your business as attractive, exclusive, and excellent value for money. Check out some of my client videos here. Check out some of my client videos here.

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