Data Science

Big Data Analytics in Marketing

Imagine having all of the answers in front of you. Answers that could dramatically transform your business. Now, imagine not being able to ask the right questions, or compute millions, hundreds of millions of rows of data with 100s or even thousands of variables.

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Data Science is simply, this ability. Data Science allows you to do exactly that - it makes sense of your data and turns it into actionable recommendations that we 'mere mortals' could never have analysed, guessed or imagined.
Data science can be an incredibly powerful tool in the modern business' arsenal. The basics of it are simple - given a large amount of data, you will find patterns and relationships between different variables in the data. This allows us, as Marketers, to leverage the power of data-driven marketing; with the veracity of Big Data Analytics, we can truly understand your customers and your data in a way that was never possible before.
When marketers (like us) are able to do this, it breaks down the barriers throughout the entire marketing process.
With big data at our fingertips and a data scientist on our team who works with our performance marketers, we can now analyse, test and predict changes on a whole other level.
It's safe to say. I'm very excited about this new capability here at CJ&CO.

Predictive Analytics in Marketing

Predictive analytics is a sub-discipline of data analytics, which focuses on the prediction of future events based on historical data. It uses data to build mathematical models that can help predict customer behaviour and changes we make in marketing.
We are all starting to see it happen already - your email open rates are being driven by algorithms, built on predictive analytics making educated guesses about what is most likely to drive customers to action. On your social media, your ads are being served up based on whom they think you are most likely to click, view, buy from.
So why are there so few agencies out there leveraging this? This is game-changing for CJ&CO and we're excited to bring our newly acquired data science abilities to our existing and future clients.